Falana Blows Hot, Blasts Buhari

By Aiyeku Timothy June 11, 2016 10:59

Falana Blows Hot, Blasts Buhari

Renowned Human Rights Activist, Femi Falana, SAN on Friday, June 10, took a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari, and Security Agencies in the country, as he gave an assessment of their efforts in tackling the renewed crisis in the Niger Delta.

Falana, said the crisis remains persistent, because of the height of intelligence failure of the security agencies, stressing that they should be held responsible for the activities of the militants in the area.

He said, unlike the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, who has been able to secure convictions, other security agencies, have failed in that regard.

He made the remark yesterday at a public forum, organised by the Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau, LASRAB, at the Memorable Gathering Event Centre, Alausa, to mark the 2016 International Archives Day.

Relating the importance of records to fighting crime and insecurity, Falana, blamed the growing cases of social unrest in the Niger Delta, to the failure of the security agencies to keep records.

He said: “We are people without a record. There is no country that can fight corruption and insecurity without adequate information. What is going in the Niger Delta now is the height of intelligence failure.

“After the crisis in the region and the emergence of the militants and the crisis that led to the amnesty programme, we would have expected the country to keep records, as was the case in those days.

“For instance in those days, when a prisoner is released, where he goes to, he will be monitored. But when unleash warlords, who have been asked to drop their guns and weapons to the society.

“But no one monitored them. At the time they were holding meetings to launch a more ferocious attack on the nation, no one was worried about them. The security operatives were concerned about other minor issues.

“It is pathetic that our security officials are more interested in reckless abuse of human rights rather than gathering information and intelligence that can fight and track crimes in the country”.

He noted that, “The only apparatus that had standout in the last couple of years was the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). They have helped in fighting corruption in the country”.

The senior advocate explained why the EFCC succeeded as an anti-graft commission, noting that the commission, “has a National Financial Intelligence Unit, they monitor the movement of money across Nigeria. The EFCC did this through the effort of technology.

That is record keeping.

“But the police arrest first and from the statement they, that is what they use in their investigation. All the state ministries of justice have not done what EFCC had done in the last six months. The EFCC has been able to secure 140 convictions,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the military has been accused by Amnesty International, of killing unarmed pro-Biafra supporters in the South-East part of the country.

Amnesty International in its report, said it conducted extensive research on the attacks and could confirm 17 killings, but said the number could be as high as 50.

The military in their reaction, denied the report, stating that “security agencies acted professionally within the extant Rules of Engagement to successful de-escalate the budding anarchy in-situ”.