Fast Rising Gospel Minister Speaks On Hot New Single ‘Have Mercy’, His Struggles And Major Surprises

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Fast Rising Gospel Minister Speaks On Hot New Single ‘Have Mercy’, His Struggles And Major Surprises

His inexorable passion to break barriers in the gospel music industry drove one of Abuja’s most talented, and fast rising Gospel Artiste, to set aside his degree in nursing, to sing for the kingdom of God.

We are talking about none other than Idikwu Joseph, popularly known as Joey. The multi-talented Gospel Singer, and Health Consultant, hails from Benue State, and obtained a Bsc. in Nursing, at the prestigious University of Jos.

Although, a Nurse by profession, Joey is already carving an envious niche for himself, even though he is relatively new in the entertainment industry.

This month we celebrate his achievements, as he talks about his new single, “Have Mercy”, the inspiration behind the anticipated hit, and his journey as a Gospel Artiste. He also shares on balancing his profession, and his passion, the secret to having a better relationship with God, and his fashion faux pas. It is indeed a must read!

Joey on how it began…

You are a Nurse, so why did you delve into music?

I think I would say the other way round, nursing delved into my music, because I was born with it, but I learnt nursing. Music has always been my thing, and it just comes natural to me.

How do you balance working as a Consultant, and making music?

God blessed me enough to put me in my office. I must say here that my office is like the best place you can ever be, because the flexibility there is top notch. It is not really challenging, but lately I have been working on my album, and so trying to get out of work to hit the studio can be tiring and challenging, but I think it is needed.

What other kinds of music do you do?

I love so many genres of music, such as rnb, soul, and pop, ‘all gospel’. People always ask why not get a touch of the naija thing? Well, I have tried to write, but I could not. I do not just sit to write songs like other artistes, the songs just come to me. I could be on the move, probably in a market place, and when the inspiration comes, I take my phone and start recording.

When did you start doing music?

Officially, I started in 2013, when I dropped my first single, “Standing Ovation”. I took a break for a year, then released my second single, “Never Too Late” the following year. Then in 2015, I had another single, “Bring It All Back”. It has become a norm for me now to drop new singles every year. I like to take my time to finish a song.

With the money and fame in circular music, why did you choose gospel music?

I did not choose gospel music, gospel music chose me. I think your priority determines what you get involved in. Making money is not my priority, spreading the message of Christ is. Gospel music is the way for me, and as a Gospel Artiste, if you get into the business, because of the money, you might end up going nowhere.

You have a new single; tell us all about it, and what inspired the song?

The title of the song is “Have Mercy”, and I released it on the 28th of October, 2016, which so happens to be my birthday. The inspiration came from a phrase, “Lord Have Mercy”, which I saw on a truck one faithful day, on my way to work, and that phrase caught me. Have mercy is a confession song, that tells you that no matter the situation you are in, we have a God that will always have mercy on us. That was the inspiration.

What do you think makes a good song, particularly a gospel song?

Generally speaking, what makes a good song is the production, because it has the ability to catch people’s attention. The difference between gospel and circular songs, is the message in the song. So, the message is very important in any gospel song, but then production is equally important.

Who do you look up to in the gospel industry?

A lot of people inspire me. Abroad, Tye Tribbett has always being my role model. I was privileged to share a stage with him, and it was an awesome experience. He is just everything I look up to. Then from Nigeria, one person that inspires me is Freke Umoh. I have worked with him a couple of times, and his personality is just so amazing. Like you can literally touch God when he is singing, and it is something I would love to do.

Are you in any relationship?

No, I am not in any relationship, maybe, because I have not found the person yet.

What is your fashion do without?


I cannot leave my house without my glasses. Funny enough, I used to hate them before, but now that is my fashion statement. I am incomplete without them. I love been fashionable, and I do not play with my looks.

What advice would you give to upcoming Artistes who are inspired by?

Put God first in all you do. Whatever God has called you to do, just stay with it, no matter the reports you get from people. If you are sure that this is what God has called you to do, just stay true to it, and be original, and different.

If you were to work with someone in the industry, who would that be?    

It will definitely be Tye Tribbett, because I have seen it in my head. I am praying and working towards it. I know it would happen soon.

How can one have a better relationship with God?

Firstly, stay with the word, and you need a mentor or pastor that teaches you the right part to take. If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to stay with the word of God.

Joey has 3 singles preceding his latest, “Have Mercy”. They are “Standing Ovation” in 2013, “Never Too Late” in 2014, and “Bring It All Back in 2015. His debut album “Covered” will be launched on the 4th of December, 2016,

Have Mercy

Time: 9:30 am,

Venue: Graceville Christian Centre, 6B Lasale Close, by MTN office, Maitama Abuja.

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