Fuel Queues clear for holidays

By Post Nigeria December 26, 2014 18:36

Fuel Queues clear for holidays

About three days to Christmas, queues began cropping up in petrol stations in and around Abuja, leading residents to fear that there was scarcity, despite the oil workers having called off their strike.

The Federal Government had repeatedly told Nigerians that the queues were simply as a result of hoarding and panic buying, though Nigerians remained doubtful.

But just as like last week, the queues cleared up in no time again this Thursday, there were no queues left at the petrol stations.

A drive along Abuja’s Airport Road saw petrol stations open and selling at the normal price of N97 per litre.

Inside the Abuja metropolis, residents testify that one can be in and out of a petrol station within 5 minutes.

Despite a few black marketers loitering around, residents can see that once more, the Federal Government was right about the queues.