Great Tension!!! National Assembly On Fire As Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Comes Under Heavy Attack, Senator Threatens To Resign

By Post Nigeria February 13, 2018 20:17

Great Tension!!! National Assembly On Fire As Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Comes Under Heavy Attack, Senator Threatens To Resign

Senator Kabir Marafa, representing Zamfara Central, on Tuesday, accused Senate President, Bukola Saraki, of preventing Senators at plenary from expressing themselves freely on the floor of the Red Chamber.

He stated this after Senate President Saraki cut him off on Tuesday, and asked him to go straight to the point, as he narrated an issue relating to security in his home State of Zamfara.

Senator Marafa had started by explaining how he was invited to a meeting of his State’s Council of Chiefs in Kaduna, and how an Aide to the State Governor was allegedly a principal actor in widespread breach of security in the State, before being interrupted by Saraki.

Saraki’s words: “Distinguished Senator Marafa, with all due respect, I have tried to always accommodate you for these issues, and I think we must not abuse these issues with your personal explanation.

“I am sure everyone here has issues to do with their State, I think you should summarise that, but now you are going into details where people are being accused. So what I appeal is that you should give us the summary of this issue and let us try and keep within those confines”, he said.

Responding, Senator Marafa stated thus:

“Thank you Mr. President, but this is my Constituency, this is why I am here. Mr. President, I am representing people. My people are under siege. We are saying that 5,000 women who are raped and molested.

“Mr. President, this Senate needs to know, this Senate needs to lend its voice to the plight of these people. There is no way I can say this except here. This is why I am elected. If I cannot say this on this floor, I better resign and leave. There is just no point.

“When I first said this, you said my personal safety is of your concern. How can somebody sit down as an official of the government that is being accused of masterminding these things? And Mr. President, you say you so no not want to hear that? Mr. President you need to know.”

Saraki however responded:

“Give us the summary of the reconciliation, so that I can now guide accordingly, because you came under personal explanation, which there cannot be any debate. So I want you to give me a summary of what happened and then from there I can be guided.”

Mr. Marafa, who was already angered by the Senate President’s comment, then accused Saraki of not letting Senators express themselves at plenary.

“I have given you the summary, the summary is two: the Chief Adviser of the Governor is the principal accused, and the government disbanded all organisations for these people to protect themselves. From that day, criminals roam my Constituency with rifles. Nobody can defend themselves in Zamfara.

“I was also told that then we had 70 Military Officers, but now we have more than 1,000 and nothing is being done. It is going on everyday, people being kidnapped. This Senate needs to ask some questions.

“If these Military men are not answerable to the Governor or they are disobeying him, the Governor needs to say, it so that this Senate or the Federal Government can take a position. It is just not enough to keep the blame on the door step of the Federal Government.

“You do not allow members of the National Assembly to discuss anything, you do not allow anybody to take it, and you do not allow leaders to take action. Mr. President, my zone is under siege and I would continue to say it on this floor of the Senate. Unless I am allowed to do this, I will resign from this floor of the Senate and go”, he said.


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