HAPPENING NOW: Aisha Rebels Against Buhari, Leaks Heartbreaking Report, 48 Hours To Christmas

By Post Nigeria December 23, 2017 08:57

HAPPENING NOW: Aisha Rebels Against Buhari, Leaks Heartbreaking Report, 48 Hours To Christmas

The Convener of the Bring Back Our girls Group, Aisha Yesufu, has launched a scathing attack on President Muhammadu Buhari, over his ‘poor’ performance as President.

Yesufu, a former supporter of Buhari, attacked him on twitter, referencing a tweet he made in 2015, blaming ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, for the fuel scarcity then. She called Buhari a hypocrite.

She wrote: “Dear President Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari, your tweet below says it all about your hypocritical stand.

“Your tears, words, tweets, were never about Nigeria, but about your need to come & enjoy the perks of power.

“You have failed as the Minister of Petroleum, & more so as the President.

“What type of President are you? You have not had the decency to address the nation on the crippling effect of the fuel scarcity that many are suffering. You may have Kano people in your pocket, you sure do not have the rest of us there.

“At your age one would have expected you have seen it all, and not be swayed by the temporary insanity of power, but alas age does not mean wisdom, integrity, values, and character.

“So what has happened now that is different from 2nd March, 2015, when you made that tweet during fuel scarcity? That you became President? What a shame! The power that is transient? Somebody was there before you, and somebody would be there after you. What is the big deal

“People are suffering, and all that concerns you is the fawning you get and revel in the access to Presidential jets, and pictures of you in overcoat with your incompetent sycophants toeing the line.

“I do not blame you, I blame the timid, docile, and irresponsible citizens of Nigeria, that would fight themselves on the queues at the filling stations, instead of coming to Aso Villa to fight you. Shamefully I am one of the citizenry. Be warned, one day we would no longer take it!

“Your impunity and arrogance of treating the people of Nigeria with disdain, would definitely come back and haunt you when you see yourself alone without the sycophants

“Lee Kuan Yew is your mate. Nelson Mandela is your mate. They spent their years as leaders, thinking about the next generation and building legacy. You are spending your time thinking about the next election, while enjoying bagpipes and ceremonial welcome. What a waste!

“Nigerians cried over killings and molestation by @PoliceNG, you turned deaf ears. Fuel scarcity you equally have turned deaf ears. We are counting! We would remember! Its a debt we would not forget. Our day to turn deaf ears too would come, to God willing!