HAPPENING NOW: I Am No Longer The President Of Nigeria, I Am Now A Private Citizen – Sick Buhari Declares, Shocks The Entire Nation

By Post-Nigeria August 8, 2017 09:29

HAPPENING NOW: I Am No Longer The President Of Nigeria, I Am Now A Private Citizen – Sick Buhari Declares, Shocks The Entire Nation

President Muhamamdu Buhari, has said that it is a sign of disrespect, for Nigerians to be demanding for his medical records, adding that, he is now a private citizen, immediately he handed over power of his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo.
Buhari, who stated this on Tuesday, through his Special Assistant on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, was reacting to the Monday protest, demanding that he resigns, or returns home.
“For the life of me, I have no idea why anybody would disrespect another, by asking for the details of their health status. As we speak, we have an Acting President”, Onochie said on Monday, while speaking on Channels Television‘s Politics Today.
She continued: “As we speak, President Buhari seems to be like a private citizen at the moment. We have no right, and it is very disrespectful for anyone to ask for his health status. In the UK where I came from, nobody would release anybody’s health records to another, not even the members of their family, unless the person decides to approve.
“On the social media, the President is well loved by Nigerians. I come across a lot of Nigerians who wish him well.”
She further said the onus is on the President to intimate Nigerians on his health status, insisting that it is inappropriate to seek to compel him to do so.
“The prerogative to speak on his ailment lies only on President Buhari. If he chooses, it is a choice. It is very disrespectful and very intrusive. We are intruding into his private rights. He has rights too as a citizen of Nigeria. Anybody can get ill, it is not something planned”, Onochie said.
“The President is receiving medical care in the UK, Nigerians are praying for him. They want him to get well. Governance is going well, the economy is improving. We are nearly out of recession.”

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  • Eddie

    Your message..this Onochie a woman is sick upstairs.

  • Udu

    Better die and get out

  • ORO

    Your message..All will be well.

  • We don’t need Nigerian president any more
    We need Biafra

  • The president could’nt have said that on the pages of newspapers. Please allow him to get better. The cabals?

    • Uz

      CioAngel! Are you reasonable at all? How can we be having a ghost president ???? He should resign in other to treat whatever ailments he’s having or face impeachment . Nigeria is too big to take all these embarrassments.

  • J Umar

    Your message.. We Really Love Our Sick President, All What We Suppose To Be Doing Is Praying For His Quick Recover. I Still Have Confident On Him That He Will Take My Country To The Promise Land. Up PMB Up FRN

  • Nelly

    Onochie should shut up. What is he/she saying. As a private citizen, is he not yet enjoying all the entitlement as the Nigerian president. Or what do you mean by private citizen. Nigeria is so pathetic a country

  • Ogeson

    I thought the foolish constitution of Nigeria says if a president stays outside Nigeria up to or more than 90 days that the same will be impeached. Why is Buhari’s case different? Or after disobeying court orders, is he also planning to disobey the constitution? Wasn’t he the same that was calling for Yaradua’s impeachment when he was sick? This country Nigeria is a course.

  • Onochie is a liar as well as Post-Nigeria. Bunch of liars who don’t have pity for Nigerians.

  • EBE

    Onochie is an imbecile. I live also in the country where she claimed she came from. Can Theresa May abandon her duty post to travel for medical assistance in another country? Buhari is using the money and influences of a president, so the citizens have rights to ask of the presidents health status.

  • MRR. C J.


  • Tijay

    Do unto others as you wish others do unto you. As you make your bed so shall you lay on it

  • The caption of this write-up can be misleading and very deceptive. President Buhari is still the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria even when he has taken leave of absence due to his ailment. The Vice President is only deputising on the President’s behalf and has not assumed the presidency in his own right and constitutionally. Therefore the presidency should not make statements that can be misread or misinterpreted by the mass and most semi illiterate population of Nigerians. It suffice to say The President is like every other citizen in colloquial terms and as such has every right to privacy on matters relating to his health as every other individual.
    He as far as he remains the President, he is not an ordinary citizen of Nigeria. If anyone makes that assertion that he is now and ordinary citizen then can they explain why he has the presidential aircraft on standby for him? Let’s be mindful on how we present the image of the presidency to the population. Enough said on that. Thanks.

  • Emashow

    One Nigeria or not, may God help Buhari to get well. No one deserves to suffer in sickness. It’s not a good thing. My prayers are with you sir.. All the best..

  • Pock

    God will punish you onchie and your smelling mouth. Nigerians don’t want him any more. He should hands up from being the president of Nigeria. Let him president ur life only

  • lolo

    Is he still alive? if yes then we need to see him however he is to be sure. Today is 94 days what is government waiting to announce his impeachment? set us free u refuse, lead us well a problem in fact British should come and colorize us again so that i will have easy assess to travel out.

  • die jhor

  • evanec

    Nigeria is burning! The North has set it on fire! But they will get burnt in the same fire. .. The Nigeria presidency is the biggest lie manufacturer! They will still tell another lie and another lie till the tenure expires… quote me anywhere!

  • finally the cat is out of the bag, now that he has resigned what next are we looking at, another power tussle for power than rectifying the damages caused by the uncapable leaders of the country instead of technology they go about with religious war. Well we are washing the next step of the incoming president

  • Chikel

    This woman is crazy
    Nigerians love him. Which Nigerians? The poor and hungry ones?
    He should just die and make way for a more capable leader.

  • Who said we are almost out of recession while poor people are dying;beans now is N350 which has never happened before in Nigeria.

  • Who said we are out of recession while poor people are dying;beans now is N350 which has never happened before in Nigeria