HAPPENING NOW: NASS Set To Shut Down, Heads To Roll, As APC Fix Date For Bukola Saraki’s Immediate Recall, Declares No Going Back!!!

By Post-Nigeria July 17, 2017 08:45

HAPPENING NOW: NASS Set To Shut Down, Heads To Roll, As APC Fix Date For Bukola Saraki’s Immediate Recall, Declares No Going Back!!!

A cross section of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, faithfuls, have set August 1, as the date for the immediate recall of Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

The statement signed by a cross section of APC Chieftains as obtained by Sahara Reporters reads:

“The Kwara State Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Congress (APC), Mr. Sulyman Buhari, issued an empty statement on 14th July, 2017, where he was beating his none existing chest, over our call for the recall of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

“The inconsequential APC Spokesman in Kwara State, who is not even known in his own ward in Ilorin, nor has the capacity to influence anyone, boast that “Kwara Must Change” can never secure the required signatures against the Senate President, adding that, he would resign his position if such happen, but we do not consider such an irrelevant person as worthy of our attention.

“We would like to state that, the good people of Ilorin that are ready for the recall exercise, have no business with an inconsequential Publicity Secretary. All the people are demanding for is adequate representation, which the Senate President has failed to offer, hence the decision to activate the constitutional process of recall.

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“While the APC Publicity Secretary is busy making empty boast on media, some of the Legislative Aides of the Senate President, have dolled huge sum of money to launch campaign of calumny against the leadership of our group, to discredit our personalities, but unknown to them, what they are doing is not only making the recall process more widely known and accepted by the people, it has also allowed more supporters and well wishers, even among their own followers have access to us, to pledge their support to the recall process. We have to thank them for
helping us and the people, as we consider their campaign of calumny, an unintended blessing in disguise.

“Most importantly, we must warn one particular Legislative Aide of the Senate President, Mr. Olaitan Obalowu, who called to threaten violence over the recall of Senator Bukola Saraki. Olaitan is a Legislative Aide to Dr. Saraki, and a former Coordinator of Muhammed Dele Belgore Solidarity Group.

“We wonder what they are scared of, when they have described the recall as an exercise in futility.

“Let it be clear that the process of recall has been initiated. It is a constitutional process that can not be stopped by any threat. It will take place as announced and shall succeed insha Allah.

“If the Senate President is as popular as he thinks, there is nothing to worry about, because we cannot recall the Senate President without the people. This is simply a test of popularity.

“We maintain that nobody can threaten us, because we are determined to carry on with this process and get it to a logical conclusion. As law abiding citizens of Nigeria and employer of the Senate President, the
people reserve the right to hire and fire him at any time we consider his services no longer useful. This is the power we intend to exercise without fear or favor.

“We therefore, call on the Senate President, to caution his overzealous Aides, and warn them to desist from unwarranted threat, because should anything happen to any of our members; we would hold him directly responsible.

“Finally, we reiterate that the signing of the recall register shall hold as announced on August 1, 2017, and we urge all electorates in Kwara Central, to troop out en-mass to sign the register, so as to effect the recall.”

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