HELP!!! Donald Trump, United Nations, Human Rights Bodies, Other World Leaders Alerted, As PDP Cries For Help Against Buhari’s APC, Ahead Of 2019

By Post Nigeria March 6, 2018 18:49

HELP!!! Donald Trump, United Nations, Human Rights Bodies, Other World Leaders Alerted, As PDP Cries For Help Against Buhari’s APC, Ahead Of 2019

PDP Protests Harassment, Detention of Members, Supporters…Decries Arrest of Its Chairman In Edo State


The Uche Secondus-led Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has raised a cry against the continuous harassment, arrests, and detention of its members in various parts of the country, by agents and officials of the All Progressives Congress, APC-controlled Federal Government, and has sought the intervention of the international community.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, in a statement on Tuesday, said the lives of its members and supporters are increasingly at risk, as the government is becoming more intolerant of opposition, particularly, having realized that its chances of getting re-elected in 2019 has dimmed, as the people have rejected it, due to its abysmal performance in the nearly three years of misrule.

The statement reads:

“The PDP is alerting the entire world of the increasing aggression and cruelty against opposition members and perceived opponents of government by the APC-led Federal Government, which is now using the apparatus of State power, in their desperation to cow and subjugate opposition, suppress constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and association in our country.

“Today, there is thoughtless abuse of human rights in our country, and the people now live in fear. Opposition members are now being arrested, manhandled and detained, with some of them having their family houses demolished for holding and expressing opinions, even under a democracy.

“Currently, our members and supporters in many States, including Edo, Rivers, Kaduna, Kogi, Borno, Adamawa, others, are being hounded for expressing opinions, particularly on the exposed corruption, abuses, constitutional violations, and incompetence of the APC administration.

“As we speak, our Edo State Chairman, Chief Dan Orbih, was summoned, questioned, and his personal freedom curtailed by the Police in Edo State, for daring to speak against corruption in the State, an action which the unscrupulous Officers at the Command boasted will teach him and PDP members in the State, a lesson. We commend Chief Dan Orbih for his forthrightness, even in the face of harassments and intimidation by the APC.

“In Kogi State, there are reports of APC agents attacking and destroying property belonging to opposition members and supporters. Nigerians have not forgotten how the APC government in Kaduna State demolished property belonging to opposition members and perceived political opponents; how the PDP Secretariat in Borno was destroyed, and how our property and those of our supporters were destroyed by agents of government in Adamawa State.

“We decry this raging intimidation of our party officials, members and supporters, and call on all good-spirited Nigerians and the international community, to stand up and condemn this drift towards a stone age despotism. Nigeria is a democratic State, and we reject any attempt by anybody to suppress the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people, particularly regarding the choice of how they can be governed.

“The APC has failed and should not be allowed to vent its frustration on innocent Nigerians.


Kola Ologbondiyan

National Publicity Secretary.”


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