How Buhari is seeking help from civilian Joint Task Force to fight Boko Haram

By Aiyeku Timothy September 9, 2015 15:09

How Buhari is seeking help from civilian Joint Task Force to fight Boko Haram

In an attempt to stop suicide attacks in the N/East and other parts of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has called for the help of traditional security apparatus popularly called Civilian Joint Task Force to reduce/stop the activities of Boko haram insurgents.

The President in an on BBC Hausa Radio service, saw the need for the civilian JTF who are locals, to play a role in identifying the suicide bombers and stopping them from accomplishing their evil mission.

The Civilian Joint Task Force is a loose group of militants that was formed in Maiduguri, Nigeria to oust Boko Haram from their city. The group has basic weapons in its possession and also has female members.

Buhari in his statement said “How we are going to overcome this is going back to the traditional security apparatus- community leaders, neighbors, district heads, emirs, who should begin to identify new faces in their localities and ask them where they come from and what brought them.

    “They can identify them in either markets or any other place. This is what will help us in this regard so that those planning to undertake suicide missions could be identified and they would be dealt with appropriately” he stated.

The group has been involved in security operations in the N/East and achieved a level of success, despite suffering heavy casualties in the hands of insurgents.

Lamenting that young people are being brainwashed and lured into insurgency, the president said “Boko Haram members have pledged their allegiance to ISIS- an insurgent group in the Middle East, with enough money.”

    “If you can recall, ISIS even went to mosques in Saudi Arabia and killed people on about three to five occasions in Saudi Arabia not to talk of doing same in Nigeria” he added

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On appointment of new Service Chiefs, Buhari gave them a deadline of three months in addition to the two months earlier promised to end insurgency in the country.

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Security has been top agenda for President Buhari during his campaign and has continued to reiterate after his victory his commitment in ending the insurgency bedeviling the country.