How Obasanjo discarded Ribadu after using him – Soyinka

By Amako Nneji August 11, 2015 11:28

How Obasanjo discarded Ribadu after using him – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has said former Chairman of the Economic and Crime Commission, EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu confided in him, how former President Olusegun Obasanjo used and dumped him.

Soyinka made this revelation in an interview he granted a team from Zero Tolerance Magazine, produced by the Media and Publicity unit of the EFCC.

    “After the appointment of Ribadu as EFCC chairman by Obasanjo a massive offensive against corruption was launched. Young and brash, big men cowered and small men wet their pants at the mention of his name.

He even arrested and handcuffed his own boss, Tafa Balogun, the then Inspector-General of Police, on charges of corruption and sent him to jail.

The Government of late Musa Yar’Adua took a decision in December 2007 through then Inspector-General of the Nigeria Police, Mike Okiro, to send the former anti-graft boss on a compulsory one-year course at the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Kuru, Plateau State.

Ribadu’s confidante and erstwhile Director of Operations, Ibrahim Lamorde, was brought in to act as Chairman.

Soyinka stressed that Ribadu was ignorant of the fact Obasanjo used him.

    “I warned your former boss, Ribadu, I told him that, your task will be done when in the course of your investigation; you discover that the source of the problem is the very person who appointed you.

    “He looked shocked a bit, and eventually he and I met in London, after, he was removed and El-Rufai was also in exile after they tried to kill him.

    “We met and Ribadu refused to sit down. I asked him to sit but he said no, that until I accepted his apology? And he said, ‘I should have listened to you, I failed to listen to you. Something you said to me, and I failed to listen.’

    “Ribadu admitted that he realized very late that Obasanjo was using him.

    “So we have to destroy that link between power and corruption. Audu Ogbe confirmed what I am telling you.

    “Then it was ‘go after this one, go after the one, ahh! You did not arrest him? Arrest his mother!’ I am challenging Obasanjo to deny it.

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    “So when you are looking for corruption, you should look at the entire stratum of the society, while some forms of corruption are direct, others are indirect.”

When reminded that former President Obasanjo said Ribadu investigated him and cleared him of all corruption charges, Soyinka said: “I am not going to speak on this; but one thing l like, when I speak, I don’t dwell on rumours but at the same time I form opinions within the limits of the investigation which I make, that’s how far I go.

    “I am a very curious person; I‘ll always asks: is this thing true, is it not true? And I use my own means to investigate and come to my conclusion.

    “Of course he (Ribadu) did, that was one of the longest discussions I had in a long time. We were there for almost four hours and we spoke for at least two and a half hours.

    “I asked him a couple of questions and he told me certain things in confidence and there were things in which corroborated the things I have heard from different directions on investigations which I myself had made.

    “But the important thing is that he came around to see that my indication to him is that you had to get to the source of corruption which grows when it is tolerated.”

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