How to Prevent your Constant Severe Headaches

By Jennifer Ajimande June 7, 2016 10:49

How to Prevent your Constant Severe Headaches

Do you usually wake up with raging pains in your head, like your brain is going to burst open?

The worst thing about this experience is the fact that you are left completely clueless about where this pain keeps coming from.

Before you start thinking of the worst, that it is migraine or symptoms of a terminal disease, because it is not. There are some bad lifestyle choices you are making that is causing this endless morning headache.

The list below might just be your life saver.

Too tight hairdos, magnetic earrings and tight hats or hair ties

tight braids 2

No woman has ever looked bad in a slick pony tail or braids, but tight hairdos are a culprit to why you keep having headaches.  Magnetic earrings adhere strongly to the ear, which is capable of not only causing bruises, but also severe headache. Tight hair ties and hats are a reason why you feel like you have been hit with a sledge-hammer on the head. The simple solution, wear your hair and hats loose, and avoid magnetic earrings as often as you can.

Staring at the Computer all day

Young Woman with Laptop Computer at Home

If your job entails working on the computer all day, (which strains your eyes and brain), then it might be the culprit behind the mysterious headaches. The solution is to take breaks every hour to rest them, or get a screen shield to minimize the glare.

Raging Hormones

angry woman

If you are on a birth control pill and you switched it, this can throw off your estrogen level. If this becomes a reoccurring problem, then pay a visit to your gynecologist, because the levels of headaches you will have will never go away, unless you do.



Dehydration can happen anywhere, any day, whether you are racing the tracks, or at your desk all day and dehydration leads to a whole other level of headaches. Cultivating the healthy habit of drinking water, will not only improve your bowel movement, but will prevent and cure illicit headaches.

 Eye Strain

If you find yourself squinting, (narrowing your eyes) all the time to see, then you need to see an optician, because squinting causes tension around the eyes and forehead, which can lead to headaches. A visit to the doctor would proffer a solution.

No more Caffeine


Too much of anything is bad, and caffeine is not an exception. The struggle is real when it comes to giving up caffeine, it is expected that you would have headaches and mood swings for two weeks. The solution is to steadily decrease your intake, as this would lessen the withdrawal symptom.