I Have Fully Recovered, I Challenge Those Saying That I Am Still Sick, For A ‘Street Fight’ – Buhari Explodes

By Post Nigeria April 23, 2017 07:32

I Have Fully Recovered, I Challenge Those Saying That I Am Still Sick, For A ‘Street Fight’ – Buhari Explodes

President Muhammadu Buhari, has debunked various media reports, speculating that his health condition has worsened.

The President, stated that although he is not thinking of 2019, but he is now making “steady and significant recovery.”

Buhari who spoke through one of his anonymous Aides, said that the increased pace of activities at the seat of government lately, is proof that he is progressing steadily.

According to his Aide: “Since his return from medical vacation last month, the President has been taking his time, but has improved steadily in recent days.

“He has received many friends and officials in audience, made several phone calls to friends, families, and supporters, and generally cheered up, working for longer hours, going through official correspondence in detail, and giving approvals where necessary.

“This is evident in the series of appointments he has made, and key decisions taken in the last few days, during which he has dissolved and reconstituted Boards, removing and appointing Heads of several Parastatals, while nominating two Ministers for confirmation, by the Senate.”

The close Aide said, though Buhari is not even thinking of the 2019 Presidential race at the moment, those who rule him out, are doing so at their own peril.

“He is not even bothered about them, he doesn’t even bother about 2019 one way or the other right now. All he has said to people (his appointees), is to do their work and focus on delivering on their promises, particularly in infrastructure and agriculture.

“He is particularly focused on covering grounds that were lost, due to the recession that slowed down the pace of work in the early part of his administration”, the close Aide of the President said.

“The thinking is that even if Buhari chooses to run, he will run on his record of delivery, and not on the basis of promises.

“So his job right now, is to work to improve his record of performance”, the Aide said.

Recall, that Buhari recently returned from a 50-day medical vacation, during which several political alignments and re-alignments continued among leading Politicians of the two political parties, and throwing open the race for the Presidency, in 2019.

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