If not for Jonathan, we would not have won the Nations Cup – Joseph Yobo

By Post Nigeria January 8, 2015 18:26

If not for Jonathan, we would not have won the Nations Cup – Joseph Yobo

Former Super Eagles player, Joseph Yobo speaks in support of President Goodluck Jonathan, as he campaigns for a second term in office; Yobo speaking for the youths, urged that the time had come for youths to rise.

Yobo said, “His Excellency, Our President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has done so well, and we say we want more, we want him to continue, he has a good future for us, the transformation agenda is on, let’s give him another opportunity to complete what he has started. Everyone of us has a responsibility.”

He reiterated that the President has done so well for Nigerians, and that the transformation agenda has reached every sector.

He emphasized that the best thing a President can give the citizens is hope and he did that by giving the Almajiris’ of the North hope through education by building schools and teaching them craftwork; generally Nigerians now have hope.

He said Jonathan has given youths hope by encouraging entrepreneurship.

He said, “Tomorrow you want to become a business owner, the President is going to do that for you. Our future is bright, because the president believes so much in the youths and is carrying us along.

“This is our time to stand up and support him. Let’s grow this nation together. The nation belongs to all of us. Let’s help Mr. President develop this nation; get this nation to the next level. Everyone of us has a responsibility.

“Goodluck Jonathan is improving transportation through railways, industrialization through power,” he said.

He said it is because of the president that Nigeria won the Nations Cup after twenty years.

Yobo attributed the victory of the Eagles to the input from the President, through his Transformation agenda.

He encouraged youths to support the President.

To avoid regressing to the past, the former Eagles skipper urged youths to come out en masse to support the President.