If you are sad about our victories, speak now – Gen. Olukolade

By Post Nigeria March 1, 2015 18:41

If you are sad about our victories, speak now – Gen. Olukolade

The spokesperson for the Defense Headquarters, Major General Chris Olukolade has revealed that with the acquisition of some new military equipment, soldiers’ morales are high and they remaine committed to ending the scourge of insurgency.

Olukolade, who tweeted pictures of the newly acquired military hardware on Sunday, said the group will never be allowed to regroup.

He lambasted critics and skeptics who had the guts to doubt the military victories, asking those expressing sadness over the military’s victories to speak up and be identified.

The All Progressives Congress, had through some of its big wigs, attempted to cast shadows of doubt’s over conquests by the military, in the troubled North-eastern region of the country.

The Major General, who continued the hashtag started yesterday to express confidence in the soldiers and to boost their morales, #NeverAgain, said that the military was working for Nigeria, promising that they won’t be distracted by critics and rumour mongers.

He also thanked Nigerians for their continued fate in the military, retweeted comments of support that had the #NeverAgain hash tag.

In general, Nigerians are becoming more optimistic of the military’s chances of putting to bed the menace of insurgency for good.