Jonathan deserves a second term, APC are a bunch of liars – Diaspora Professionals

By Post Nigeria January 17, 2015 18:39

Jonathan deserves a second term, APC are a bunch of liars – Diaspora Professionals

The Association of Diaspora Professionals in Nigeria, ADPIN, has said that President Goodluck Jonathan deserves a second term in office.

Spokesman of ADPIN, Dr. Kevin Attah said, “after watching the presidential performance of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan at the 2015 Election sensitization workshop in Abuja, we, the Association of Diaspora Professionals in Nigeria, have come to the conclusion that he deserves another term of office; while we view the performance of General Muhammed Buhari on that occasion that had quality international citizens like Kofi Anan as second rate and totally un-presidential,

“While the General came there belly-aching over how he believes he was deprived of the country’s highest seat, the president stunned us with the way he pointed out the issues that lead to violence, and proffered solutions to the issues.

“He did not also fail to even finger himself as a politician involved in the situations that give rise to political problems. Understandably, he got a round of applause for this admission,

“He did not also fail to point out to the Independent National Election Commission, INEC, which was represented on the occasion by Professor Attahiru Jega, that the mess over the Permanent Voters Card, PVC, was not acceptable to him and a large number of Nigerians,

“We now understand why a strenuous effort was made by the opposition to try to keep him away from that event, because they hoped to steal the show while he was away,

“The event has now shown the opposition for the pack of liars that they are.

“They claimed that he cancelled the Akure PDP rally because of the defection of members of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to the opposition, but today we now know better that he cancelled the Akure rally to be able to be at the worthy event.

“The support he is getting from us today shows that the cancellation of the Akure rally was a wise decision.

“As Diaspora professionals, we will be the first to admit that Nigeria has not arrived yet, but for the first time in her history, there is a leader who is taking fundamental steps to correct imbalances and address the issue of corruption, which has tainted us in the comity of nations,

“For instance, we agree with the president that it is cosmetic fighting corruption by herding people to jail. The best way as the president himself has said, as with the fertiliser scam of decades, is to make it unattractive by using modern technology like the e-wallet to make diversion of funds for the purpose they are not meant for impossible.

That singular action of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture today has solved a nagging problem and erased corruption in that area. Today, farmers, mostly from the north, are beneficiaries.”