Jonathan Is Responsible For The Rats Infestation Of Aso Rock, And The Eating Up Of All Vital Documents In Buhari’s Locker, By Amako Nneji

By Post-Nigeria August 24, 2017 09:41

Jonathan Is Responsible For The Rats Infestation Of Aso Rock, And The Eating Up Of All Vital Documents In Buhari’s Locker, By Amako Nneji

The trending news now is that RATS, maybe thousands of them, beat the water tight security network stationed in the Presidential Villa, and invaded President Muhamamdu Buhari’s office, while he was faraway in the United Kingdom, UK, for a medical vacation.

Since the news broke out, I have been waiting patiently to hear or read the reaction of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, or the loquacious Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, about the trending news.

I am expecting Lai Mohammed to pass the buck to former President, Goodluck Jonathan, anytime soon, for being responsible for the rats’ invasion to Buhari’s office, the most secure place in Nigeria.

“After all, the 16 years Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, misrule and corruption, led to the shocking rats infestation. If funds meant for arms to fight Boko Haram was diverted to a private pocket under Jonathan, how are we sure that the money meant for fumigation of Aso Rock was not misappropriated”, Lai Mohammed may be tempted to say. I am just pre-empting him sha.

I do not want to believe that rats would invade the office of the President of the most populous black nation in the world, to eat up furniture comfortably, thereby forcing the President to start operating from his official residence.

What has gone wrong? Where did Buhari get it wrong? What is happening to Nigeria? Why are we now a laughing stock in the community of nations? Buhari, Why?

I remember in the build-up to the 2015 Presidential election, how an ecclesiastical picture of Buhari was painted. He was sculpted as stoic, firm, and competent.

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Buhari was a god; a mystery! He was an embodiment of integrity and a symbol of hope. To many, he was the much awaited promised Messiah. I also remember my good friend and Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina, describing Buhari as  “a new sheriff is in town”.

In the blitz of ecstasy, some “social media influencers” trended a catchphrase, “GoHarderBuhari”.

I think, the reality of Buhari’s incompetence first hit Nigerians like a pie in the face, when he squandered (seven) months without appointing Ministers. Tai! He started on a wrong footing.

That was unprecedented. Nigeria was rudderless! But excuses were rustled up for him anyway. One of the excuses was that he was taking his time to appoint “Angels” into his cabinet.

Alas! When members of the cabinet were unveiled, many Nigerians became disappointed. The likes of Rotimi Amaechi, Lai Mohammed, Babatunde Fashola, made “the angelic list”.

However, Nigerians still reposed some modicum of hope in the President, after that shocker. They gave him the benefit of the doubt nonetheless. But his goodwill soon began to taper off.

Nigeria wobbled from one confusion to another, until it hit the iceberg in August 2016, when the country entered into a recession – the first since 1983.

Hundreds of companies closed shop, millions of workers got laid off, inflation rate ballooned, and unemployment level soared, but the government kept on manufacturing excuses for its naked incompetence.

The Buhari administration then started passing the buck by manufacturing excuses. The spin doctors were at work. My good childhood friend, a Christian brother and now an armed Chair Journalist based in Mudslide torn Sierra Leone, joined the bandwagon,

He self-recruited without pay to be a freelancer spin doctor. He was good at it.

The spin doctors blamed the Jonathan administration for all the challenges. It owned up to nothing. Even the failure to fully implement the “budget of change” was blamed on Jonathan.

I am sure the APC are working out the modalities and the strategies of also blaming the rats infestation of Buhari’s office on Jonathan.

It is now more than two years since Buhari became President, but what achievement has he recorded? Your guess is good as mine.

The President claimed in December 2016, that Boko Haram had been “technically” defeated, but the terror group keeps springing summer surprises on the Military. Now RATS have finally chased our dear President out of his office.

To be candid, there is just no sign of progress anywhere. If they were, I would celebrate it!!!


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