Jonathan’s achievements are concrete, nobody can argue – Okupe

By Post Nigeria February 7, 2015 13:38

Jonathan’s achievements are concrete, nobody can argue – Okupe

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has made “verifiable and concrete achievements that nobody can argue about.”

Okupe made this statement during an interview session, while fielding questions on why President Jonathan deserves a second term.

According to him, the media has placed more emphasis on the activities of the insurgents rather than the achievements of the administration, stating strongly that the media has allowed itself be influenced by the opposition.

“The opposition has a tremendous influence on Nigerian media and therefore, most of these achievements are suppressed from coming to public glare.

“The second one is that achievements and good news do not make news but when Boko Haram keeps bombing and killing, that is the news. I have looked at newspapers’ headlines for one year, 75 %of headlines are on Boko Haram.

Okupe also maintained that the present administration has done well in reducing corruption in the country and that has been attested to by the international community.

“Two years ago, we were 147th out of over 170 nations when they did the corruption perception index of Transparency International.

We did not abuse them, we accepted it and said we were going to improve and we have done that. Today, the same organisation says we are 136th, we have moved eight points in two years. These are independent and objective observers. It does not mean that we are no longer corrupt, it is evident that something is being done about it.”