JUST IN: GOOD NEWS!!! Nigerians Applaud Babatunde Fashola, As The Super Minister Makes Powerful Policy Statement

By Joshua Amaugo July 6, 2018 13:45

JUST IN: GOOD NEWS!!! Nigerians Applaud Babatunde Fashola, As The Super Minister Makes Powerful Policy Statement

Nigerians across board have begun to praise the Minister of Power, Works, and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, for coming out openly to support the masses, giving out powerful policy statement, as he challenged and accused Landlords in Nigeria of corruption.

Recall, that Fashola had on Thursday, July 5, urged Landlords in the country to start collecting rents in arrears, beginning from today, July 6, 2018.

According to him, property owners across the country should understand the plights of low-income earners, as he advocated the payment of rents after each month, as against what is obtainable across the country currently.

Fashola said: “If you ask me to go and bring in advance one year’s rent from what I am going to earn monthly in arrears, how feasible is that?

“Even my salary as a Minister is paid at the end of every month, not even at the beginning; then you the Landlord is now asking me to bring next year’s salary, and we are complaining that there is corruption”, Fashola lamented.

Reacting to the Minister’s statement, a Nigerian who refers to himself as Snail Baba, said: “This is the first time Fashola is making sense ever since Buhari LURED him into his devilish All Progressives Congress, APC, as Minister.

“Fashola for the most part of his years as Governor of Lagos State, clamoured for this 1-month rent payment idea. Of course, he did not get the desired nod from the House of assembly. I am not saying Fashola is perfect, but I see him as a true agent of Change. He did that in Lagos, and I believe with the right support he can achieve a similar fit at the Federal level.”

Snail Baba speaking further said: “Some Nigerian Landlords are evil. We always want to ride on others to get rich. But there are one thousand and one ways to create value that could bring you wealth. To move forward, we must have the mindset that true wealth comes from solving human problems, i.e. creating value, not through exploitation.

“However, I totally believe that we are making progress. But our speed is not good enough. Compared to other countries, we are snail-walking. And if we do not increase our speed, we will continue to create more poverty for our people because one (1) dollar today will not be the same next year.

NaGodwin concurring with Snail Baba’s statement, said: “I agree with you, he made sense on this one.

“What I will add is that, in other countries, if you are renting a flat, you are made to deposit one month ahead, to be used by the Landlord as collateral, in case you fail to pay in arrears. Thereafter, you pay in arrears as Fashola just noted.

Sean said: “The first thing that should be done is that the Federal and State Governments should lead by example, and rent out apartments in arrears to test run it; that will be a pilot for Landlords who worked hard to build a property. Also, can the government allow payment for Certificate of Occupancy installmentally? Finally, can they also have a fund where landowners can pull from to develop their landed property, with a mandate to rent the building according to the terms set by the Federal Government, which will include renting in arrears”, Sean asked.

Vanguard said: “If Landlords heed to this call, it would not only stimulate the nation’s property market, it would also improve the economy as a whole.

“Housing is a fundamental requirement of man, and the effect of its practices on our economy has been grossly underestimated.”

Kalofy said: “It was because of Fashola’s action while he was Governor, that Landlords in Lagos started collecting one year rent, rather than the previous 2-4 years advance rent.

“Fashola is the most innovative, empathetic Governor ever. Remember, he was the promoter of the “Disability” bill, which he eventually signed into law. That singular action ensures that we give consideration to people with disability (who we call physically challenged), in public buildings, which had never been done anywhere in the country”, Kalofy said.

Post-Nigeria gathered that in August 2011, Fashola had while assenting the Tenancy and Lagos Park and Garden Bills into law, said that by the provision of the law: “Any Landlord that collects rent in excess of six months for a sitting tenant, and one year from a new tenant, will either be jailed for three months or pay N100.000 fine.”

He said: “The issues at stake in the new laws are serious moral issues that require voluntary compliance, rather than strict enforcement from the government. The problem of corruption cannot be fought in the country with this kind of situation that requires a tenant to pay two or more years rent in advance”, Fashola noted.


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