High Profile Northern APC Governors ‘Fight’ In Public, Over The Deadly Fulani Herdsmen, Totally Disagree On Facts

By Post Nigeria January 10, 2018 07:51

High Profile Northern APC Governors ‘Fight’ In Public, Over The Deadly Fulani Herdsmen, Totally Disagree On Facts

The Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, and his Nasarawa State counterpart, Tanko Al-Makura, have disagreed on the location of the Fulani herdsmen, who attacked several Benue State communities last week, killing no fewer than 71 residents.

While Ortom alleged that the marauding herdsmen launched their attacks from their Nasarawa base, Al-Makura faulted the Benue State Governor’s assertion, asking Ortom the source of his allegation.

Ortom spoke with State House Correspondents, after a meeting he had with President Muhammadu Buhari, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Tuesday.

The Benue State Governor stated that he would support any move, including Military option, that could put an end to the killings being witnessed in the State.

When asked for his position on the suggestion that full-blown Military operation be applied in his State, the Governor said: “Anything that can stop the killings of my people, I will go for it. I support it.

“Any policy or any directive, anything that will help stop the killing of these innocent people who are not armed, I will support, it because this cannot continue.”

However, Al-Madura described Ortom’s statement that those who attacked his State were camped in Tango, Awe LGA of Nasarawa State, as unfortunate.

Al-Makura, while speaking to Journalists in Abuja, on Tuesday, said it was unfortunate that Ortom could make such a weighty allegation at a time his government was supporting him to tackle the security challenge in his State.

He explained that the town that Ortom claimed was serving as a base for the attackers was currently occupied by Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs.

The Governor revealed: “I am really taken back. This statement is most unfortunate. I will like to use this opportunity to say that there is nothing like that whatsoever.

“If anything, the Tonga that the Governor is talking about in the Awe LGA is now the safe haven for displaced persons. As I speak with you today, there are more than three IDP camps in the Awe Local Government that cater to the number of people that have migrated from Benue to Nasarawa.

“To be specific, there are more than 7,000 people that are camped in Tonga. So, it is very ironical that a place that is supposed to be an area that has become a safe haven for IDPs can now be called militias’ camp.

“In that case, the militia does not need to go as far as Benue. They have the prey in the vicinity of Tonga to attack. I think this is most unfortunate.

“With the efforts, we as a State are making efforts, and collaborating and supporting the Governor to find ways and means of solving this problem; that Nasarawa State can be identified as an area where some of these militants are coming from, is unfortunate.”

Al-Makura recalled that he and six other Governors met the nation’s Service Chiefs and some Ministers, for over seven hours on Monday, on how to solve the problem.

He expressed surprise that Ortom did not find it worthy to approach him and tell him of such findings.

“He could not approach me and give me an idea if there is anything that he saw, or he is worried about.

“Besides, from all the discussions we had yesterday, there was no concrete security report stigmatising any part of Nasarawa State as harbouring people that are coming to attack Benue.

“I feel what should be of concern to us as Leaders is the plight of the people, and any such statement that is inflammatory is likely going to cause more confusion than what is already there”, he added.

The Nasarawa State Governor attributed the violence in Benue State, to the implementation of the State’s anti-grazing law.

He added: “As it is, it is the implementation of the anti-grazing law in Benue caused the problem, and now Nasarawa State is being infected by the problem. Notwithstanding that, we are being our brothers’ keepers and good neighbours.

“I had to cut short my vacation and come to find ways of helping my colleague. We have called all our security agencies to meet to find ways and means of helping Benue.”


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