Osinbajo Comes Under Attack For Flying Out Of The Country With His Whole Family, A Few Hours After Fulani Herdsmen Wreck Havoc

By Post Nigeria January 5, 2018 11:40

Osinbajo Comes Under Attack For Flying Out Of The Country With His Whole Family, A Few Hours After Fulani Herdsmen Wreck Havoc

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, is currently on his annual leave in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, but many Nigerians are unimpressed that the Number 2 citizen of the country is enjoying his leave in a foreign country, at a time some States in Nigeria are witnessing mass killings.

After Laolu Akande, the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, tweeted about the Osinbajo’s leave, the information was greeted with criticism, with many accusing the Vice President of insensitivity.

“VP Osinbajo, his wife & children have been resting abroad on his annual leave. He is expected back in the country this weekend from the UAE”, Akande had twitted.

Others also attacked Osinbajo for travelling all the way to Dubai to observe his annual leave, and not anywhere in Nigeria, contrary to the current administration’s gospel of patronising Made-in-Nigeria products.

Here are a few of the reactions from Twitter…


I won’t deny the VP the opportunity to rest… but can you imagine if the tweet said:
“VP and Family resting and holidaying at Yankari Game Reserve or Obudu Cattle Ranch”


So he travelled abroad for a holiday while the masses languish is poverty & pains. Other world leaders travel to their originating states for holiday using it as a medium to reach their grassroots.

@Kola Maja

Maybe na UAE him go get votes in 2019. Instead of him to get close to grassroots in Ikenne and environs for the period….. am just suggesting oooooo. My hand no dey!


Very shameful post, when will the change begin with him?why can’t he do his vacation in Nigeria


Very good! Clap for my VP and wished him Happy New Yr. But some persons died sha… Died because there is no security like where he went 4 rest


Your principal dey rest for abroad and the people that he leads are been killed and slaughtered like chickens, you guys should d fear God at least.


By this time in 2019, his holiday will probably be on BRT buses in Lagos campaigning for reelection!


@akandeoj you should do a better job than this.. just when I was thinking you were better than @FemAdesina why tell us he’s in UAE? He’s obviously spending some dollars there and boosting an already boosted tourism hub….


Do u think Nigerian leaders are interested in making this Nigeria a better country that works for all? They don’t care what d masses go through daily.They’re only interested in making money& live luxuriously with their families while the masses live in hardship on daily basis


@akandeoj @NGRPresident Why not somewhere in Nigeria? For sure they are so many beautiful places. Why not somewhere in ECOWAS area? If leaders do not patronize locally, how come do you want others to do so? Nigeria first, Ecowas second, Africa, than the world #Haba


This is sad for Nigeria. It should not be public information. What a shame. Every Nigerian official goes abroad for treatment & rest. They must lead by example. Why not patronize Nigeria. Fix Obudu ranch, Yankari game reserve & others & rest there!!! Lead by example.


This goes a long way to show how insensitive our leaders are. At a time like this when citizens are being slaughtered like cattle, those in charge are outside the country resting. The reason why he can’t rest in Nigeria is still a mystery to me- is he also scared of insecurity?


This has got an own goal written all over it. You are doing more damages to their already battered image and insensitivity to the plight of the people they campaigned to bring change to. What a disappointing tweet at a time like this.
However, not many were critical of the development as some believe Osinbajo’s leave is well deserved.


Very good and well deserved…He really worked for the progress of this country last year. I wish him multiple strength for this year’s task. Happy New Year!


Please, rest well sir. God will continue to bless you and give you wisdom that will turnaround this nation IJN. Amen.


Enjoy more VP let d president work too


He deserves it considering what he passed through in 2017 when PMB was on medical leave.
Wishing him a restful leave.


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (a pride of #Ogun) his wife and children should have a splendid time of rest in UAE. They deserve it.


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