Just thinking, Obasanjo where are the 1000 snipers?, By Audu O. Audu

By Post Nigeria June 1, 2015 19:11

Just thinking, Obasanjo where are the 1000 snipers?, By Audu O. Audu

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on December 11 alleged that the then President, Goodluck Jonathan was currently keeping over 1000 people on his political watch list while also secretly training snipers and other armed personnel as well as acquiring weapons for political purposes.

He stated this in an 18-paged letter to Mr. Jonathan, that the snipers were being trained at the same place the late Head of State, Sani Abacha, trained his own killer squad.

President Goodluck Jonathan replied Obasanjo in a 10-page letter and challenged him to produce the names of those on the alleged political watch list and the Government agencies which were watching over them.

President Jonathan, in the letter, noted “since I started my political career as a Deputy Governor, I have never been associated with any form of political violence. There have certainly been cases of political assassinations since the advent of our Fourth Republic, but as you well know, none of them occurred under my leadership.

“Baba, I don’t know where you got that from but you do me grave injustice in not only lending credence to such baseless rumours, but also publicizing it. You mentioned God seventeen times in your letter. Can you as a Christian hold the Bible and say that you truly believe this allegation.”

The question is this; the 2015 election has come and gone, Professor Attahiru Jega has allegedly connived with the All Progressives Congress, APC, to scuttle Dr. Jonathan’s re-election bid; the north mobilized the almajiris to kick Jonathan out; four card readers could not authenticate Jonathan’s voter’s card. The APC insulted and called him clueless, blah blah blah, yet Jonathan, did not deploy the infamous truck of snipers to scuttle the election.

With President Muhamadu Buhari sworn in, can Obasanjo kindly tell Nigerians where he found the over 1000 snipers he claimed were being trained by Goodluck to kill his political opponents?

No one wants to die in the hand of a sniper!

Olusegun Obasanjo and over 50 other army officers were, without fair hearing, jailed by the Abacha Government on trumped up charges of coup plotting.

Nigeria, under Abacha, became a pariah nation after being expelled from the Commonwealth of Nations for executing Ken Saro-Wiwa and other activists who were campaigning for a fairer share of Nigerian oil revenues and against the environmental damage caused to their lands by the drilling and spills of big oil companies.

Lt-General Oladipo Diya, Major-Generals Abdulkareem Adisa and Tajudeen Olanrewaju, and several other officers were on death row awaiting execution for their role in another coup plot no thanks to the conscienceless Abacha.

The acclaimed winner of the June 12 1993 election, late Chief MKO Abiola had been in jail for 4 years, kept incommunicado from the outside world. He later died in prison under controversial circumstances.

The Guardian Newspapers by Alex Ibru, a Minister under the Abacha regime was shut down after it criticised the Government. It was the paper’s continual criticism of Abacha’s regime that led to the near fatal assassination attempt on Ibru’s life.

Senator Bola Tinubu, scared to the bone of Abacha’s snipers fled Nigeria. Alani Akinrinade, Babafemi Ojudu, Gani Faweyinmi, amongst others did not have such a luxury as they were imprisoned for standing up to the Military dictator.

Kayode Fayemi, the former Governor of Ekiti State could not practice physical journalism and he went underground.

Kudirat Abiola was gunned down in daylight by elements who allegedly had Abacha’s backing.

General Abacha was on the verge of transforming himself from a military ruler to civilian President having strong-armed the then 5 political parties in the country into adopting him as their sole presidential candidate.

This terribly wicked design failed as Abacha’s timeline came to an abrupt end via a “heart attack”. The end of a very hated ruler brought joy to the hearts of several Nigerians and that was that.

If Jonathan had trained snipers where Abacha had done his, how is it under Jonathan’s administration the press was not muzzled?

How come Tinubu did not go on exile, how come that there was no political assassination under his watch, how come those who abused him and called him clueless were able to sleep with their two eyes closed?

Obasanjo! Where are the 1000 snipers? Nigerians are asking?