LET THE HEAVENS FALL!!! We Will NEVER Confirm Magu, Even If Buhari Re-Nominates Him 1,000 Times – APC Senators Tell Osinbajo

By Post Nigeria April 16, 2017 14:01

LET THE HEAVENS FALL!!! We Will NEVER Confirm Magu, Even If Buhari Re-Nominates Him 1,000 Times – APC Senators Tell Osinbajo

APC Senators have vowed to continue to reject the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu, as the substantive Chairman of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, even if President Muhammadu Buhari presents him to the Senate for confirmation 1,000 times.

Recall, that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo a few days ago, threw his weight behind Magu, and suggested that he (Magu) does not need the Senate’s confirmation, to head the agency.

A cross section of Senators on Sunday, said the comment of the Vice President would further worsen the feud between the Executive and the Legislature.

Recall also, that Buhari had a few weeks ago, constituted a Mediation Committee, chaired by Osinbajo, to address the stand-off between the two arms of government.

However, in an interview, a Senator said even though Magu is presented 1,000 times for confirmation, they will reject him.

“It is funny that the Vice President is saying this. As a Professor of Law, he should know this, and two, as the Chairman of the Peace Committee, he shouldn’t have said this.

“His utterances will negatively affect the Peace Committee, because one of the issues creating the feud, is the confirmation of Magu. We are saying he should be replaced, and he is saying we are wrong. Let me tell you that even if Magu is presented for confirmation 1,000 times, we will reject him, because he lacks the capacity to occupy that office,” he said.

Another Senator who also spoke, said the comment by the Vice President, angered many of them.

“I was not surprised when my attention was drawn to the report credited to the Vice President, because from day one he has been in the forefront of the crusade for Magu’s confirmation. In fact, aside from sending Magu’s name for confirmation, all the campaigns for it have been from his office. We know this.

“As you know refusal of the Executive to implement our resolutions, is the bane of our relationship. Now he is saying this. How will he succeed? Will there be EFCC without an Act?”

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Another Senator, who also did not want to be named, said the Vice President should invite the APC caucus, rather than antagonising them.

“We have three categories of people in the Senate. We have those who are against Magu, those who are for him, and those who are neutral. By his statement, Osinbajo has spoilt the slim chance of Magu at the Senate, and the Peace Committee he chairs,” he said.

Meanwhile, it was reliably gathered that the leadership of the Senate, would review the resolution on the rejection of Magu, on the 24th of this month.

A source close to the leadership said: “the meeting will be held on Monday 24th of this month, outside the National Assembly. A decision would be taken on it, and other issues including the 2017 budget. The following day on Tuesday, the issue would be tabled before Senators at an Executive session before plenary.”