Marafa calls out Deputy House Leader, labels him disgrace

By Post Nigeria July 21, 2015 02:30

Marafa calls out Deputy House Leader, labels him disgrace

The ongoing battle between separate factions of the All Progressive Congress, APC, involving the Like Minds Pro-Bukola Saraki group and the Pro-Lawan Unity Forum has peaked with angry words exchanged between Senator Kabiru Marafa and the Deputy Senate Leader Senator Bala Ibn N’allah.

Ibn N’allah took to The Sun newspaper to describe Marafa as ignorant in terms of the rules regarding parliamentary procedure and party rules regarding the election of Principal Officers.

Marafa has sworn not to ignore what he believes to be malicious manipulation ongoing in the 8th Senate leadership.

In his reaction he described Ibn Na’Allah, as “a disgrace” to the law profession and questioned his knowledge of the Constitution and the Senate Standing Orders as a lawyer.

He hinted a showdown with the Senate Leadership when the chamber returns from recess on July 28.

He went on to describe Na’Allah as a hypocrite and an opportunist.

    “Na’Allah is a hypocrite. A disgrace to the Law profession.

    “It is always a disappointment, when you take somebody for something and realise they are exactly the opposite when the time comes!

    “That is exactly my experience with Senator Bala Na’Allah. It is quite disgraceful if he applied the provisions of Section 14 (3&4) (of the 1999 Con­stitution, as amended, which talks about federal character in running the affairs of government at federal, state and local levels and their agencies) to the legislative chambers of the National Assembly.”

He dismissed the use of Federal character as posed by the Deputy Senate Leader describing it as abnormal and sheer ignorance of the law.

    “Anybody who talks about federal character in the chambers of either the National Assembly or the judiciary is either a dunce or a hypocrite. I think Senator Bala belongs to the latter!

    “Where was Na’Allah when Senator David Mark, his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu and Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, all Christians, emerged as Senate President, Deputy and Senate Leader respectively?