Massive Nepotism In Aso Rock, As Buhari Violates The Police Act, Disobeys The Law Yet Again

By Post-Nigeria: October 10, 2019 07:44

Massive Nepotism In Aso Rock, As Buhari Violates The Police Act, Disobeys The Law Yet Again

President Muhammadu Buhari, has secretly extended the service of his Personal Chief Security Officer, Abdulkarim Dauda Daura.
Dauda, a Commissioner of Police with service number P.NO. 23853, is to retire this year, having enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force as a Cadet Officer, on January 1, 1985.
His father, Alhaji Dauda Daura, a Groundnut Merchant in the Colonial era in Kano, is Buhari’s elder brother, with whom young Buhari once lived.
Nigeria’s Police Act says that an Officer is expected to retire from service after 35 years, or when he attains the age of 60. The Act does not exclude an Officer who has not attained the age of 60, but has served for 35 years, from retirement.

However, according to a Police Wireless Message, which means ‘secret memo’ in security communications, the President has extended his service to May 13, 2023, two weeks to the expiration of the President’s term. By 2023, Dauda would have served for 38 years.
The memo reads: “The President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Chairman, Police Council, has graciously approved the extension of service of CP Abdulkarim Dauda, to 13th May, 2023, when he would have attained sixty (60) years of age. COMPOL INFO-TECH only, and amend your records please.”
The memo was signed by Usman Alkali Babe, the Assistant Inspector-General in charge of Police Force Secretariat, where the memo emanated from.

Dauda’s promotion from Chief Superintendent of Police to Commissioner, was also a subject of controversies.

A ranking Police Officer who spoke in confidence said: “The speed he got to Commissioner from Chief Superintendent, just between 2015 and 2019, is unprecedented in the Nigerian Police Force. The promotions were illegal. They only gave him favours, because he is related to the President.”