Massive rally turnout shows Nigerian’s love for Jonathan – Tunji Shelle

By Post Nigeria January 8, 2015 19:57

Massive rally turnout shows Nigerian’s love for Jonathan – Tunji Shelle

Chairman Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Lagos State, – Chief Tunji Shelle, on Thursday said the massive turnout of Lagosians at the PDP rally in Lagos shows not only support for the re-election of President but love for Goodluck Jonathan.

Chief Shelle, spoke to News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, during the kick-off, of the PDP campaign rally in Lagos.

He said the Transformation Agenda of the Jonathan administration should be allowed to continue.

“President Jonathan, despite security challenges being faced by the nation, has performed well in all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

“The crowd here today is not just party members but Nigerians who believe that Jonathan, his team and the PDP have done well and will do better,” he said.

President Goodluck Jonathan humbly revealed at the Rally, “I have no personal interest, my interest is Nigeria’s interest”

The campaign rally witnessed the President speak from his heart, engaging Nigerians on the party’s true position and his achievements, “Young Nigerian workers have issues with building houses; we introduced the mortgage funds, in the next 5 years most Nigerian will own houses”

“They say we have no plans, but we built the sovereign wealth funds, to save funds for the future. 50% of which will be used for security, 25% for development, 25% for the future, can someone who has no plans do that? They should come and tell us what they have done?”

With regards to Education Jonathan told the crowd to remember that “they built prisons while we have built universities for you”.

Jonathan while concluding said at the Rally, “Some people are already cloning voter cards. Are those the kind of people you want in power?”

These few statements have swayed voters from all over as can be seen from trends on social media platforms.

Attendees at the rally were governors, delegates, party supporters from the 36 states and Abuja with pressure groups, various ethnic and tribal associations, National Association of Nigerian Student delegates and party’s candidates for various elective positions, to mention a few a few, adorn the venue of the campaign.