Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips for Staying Stylish

By Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. June 11, 2016 10:54

Men’s Style Guide: Great Tips for Staying Stylish

Medical School and Fashion are not two words you expect to see in the same sentence, but more recently than not they have become best of friends.

Medical students are generally thought to be a bunch of nerds – always buried in between mountains and mountains of books, who can not be bothered about being stylish or fashionable. Well, to some extent it is true. Very busy with school work, we tend forget everything else; but staying stylish in Medical school is not as hard as most medics would assume. It is indeed very easy, as long as you follow the basic tips I would provide – and believe me, being a style god would be as easy as ABC.

1) Believe it or not, the first thing most people notice in outfits are the shoes, and trust me, your shoes say a lot about you. Own at least two pairs (black and brown) of classic footwear. They could be Brogues, Oxfords, Monk shoes, or in that category, and of course HAVE them in your EXACT size, as fit is everything.


2) Suits are a must have. No one says have all the colours designers have to offer, but at the least, own at good suit – preferably in colour black. IMG_7822

3) Fit is everything! It cannot be over emphasized for every guy to own well-tailored trousers and shirts, always aspire to get the perfect fit, with nothing being too big or too small. Your shirts should be in white, light blue and black. These are wardrobe staples and they are easy to wear. IMG_8132

4) Never underestimate the power of details; add slim ties or bow ties or vintage ties, brooches, rings, pocket squares, nicely tailored waist coats, suspenders, etc. to your otherwise bland outfits. These little details add spice to your everyday otherwise boring outfits. Try it, it works like magic! IMG_6847

As long as you follow the above tips I have given, and with time build on them, you would be able to ace in your style and exams. It is a win-win situation.