More Senators rally round Saraki

By Cynthia Ferdinand October 1, 2015 16:07

More Senators rally round Saraki

Senator Hamma Isa Misau, of Bauchi Central, has called on Nigerians and the All Progressives Congress, APC, to stop blaming the Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki for the leadership twist in the 8th Senate especially the inability of Senator Ahmed Lawan to emerge Majority Leader as proposed by the party leadership.

Misau stated that the blame should rather be directed to members of the APC N/East caucus of the Senate who overwhelmingly voted against the decision and rather preferred Senator Ali Ndume

    “Many people do not know or understand what happened then. Truly, many of us prefer Ndume to Lawan. The fact that Ndume contested for the post of Deputy Senate President and at that time and he sought the support of most Senators made it easy for him to get our support.

    “In any case, Senator Lawan never told anybody that he was interested in the post of Majority Leader. We therefore voted for a person who actually lobbied and sought for our support. So, we take responsibility for our decisions. Nobody should blame the Senate President,” he said.

Out of 11 Senators who are members of the caucus, 8 voted for Ndume while 3 voted for Lawan and Misau said that since politics is a game of numbers, the candidate with majority of the Senators emerged as leader.

He stated that the explanation became necessary in view of the belief that the Senate President deliberately antagonized the party leadership by refusing to name Lawan and the others into leadership positions, thereby favoring a “winner takes all” arrangement.

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He added that many people erroneously over-rate the powers of the Senate President in making certain decisions in the Senate forgetting that the decision of the other Senators shapes his.

    “The Senate President is just first among equals. He represents one district like every other Senator. He is not like a state Governor or President who has executive powers and discretion to select ministers and commissioners.

    “The Senate President must always do what the Senators want and must even carry along his colleagues at all times.

    “Dr. Saraki is very popular among us today because he is always respecting our opinion and usually doing what we want. He has a way of relating to all of us as equals that we are and trying to aggregate the overall interest and position of majority in taking decisions.

    “So, when we said we wanted Ndume as Senate majority leader, he could not have done otherwise. Saraki has nothing against Lawan and I think, my brother Ahmed Lawan understands this,” Misau said.

Since Saraki’s emergence on June 9 after usurping party supremacy, the 8th senate has been bogged down with controversy; the appointment of Principal Officers came to escalate the crisis amongst Senators of the ruling party as they resorted to zoning formula, yet the problems were not solved as the APC’s anointed candidates failed to emerge still.

3 months later when it seemed the hatchets have been buried and the Senators united to forge the country ahead, skirmishes began to rise within the party and accusations all pointed to the Senate President.

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