Mu’azu, emulate British LP, Lib Dem, UKIP leaders and resign – Fayose

By Post Nigeria May 8, 2015 19:13

Mu’azu, emulate British LP, Lib Dem, UKIP leaders and resign – Fayose

The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose on Friday described the resignation of British Labour Party, LP, leader, Ed Miliband, and Liberal Democrats leader, Nick Clegg, over their parties’ woeful performances in the Thursday, May 7, 2015 parliamentary election as a vindication of his call for the resignation of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu.

In a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Fayose insisted that his attacks on the PDP National Chairman are not personal, but for the good of the party.

Fayose said: “It is morally wrong for the national chairman to remain in office after leading the party into its first national electoral loss.

“Alhaji Mu’azu should be honourable enough to follow the same path as the British LP and Democrats leaders.

“Mu’azu’s case is even worse than that of the British party leaders, who resigned immediately their party lost because majority of PDP members no longer have confidence in his (Mu’azu) leadership and there is no way a willing leader can be forced on an unwilling followers.

“This is not about any personality and I am also not operating here on empty boast because Ekiti State was delivered to the PDP 100 percent.

“Rather, it is about issues. Imagine the PDP not getting up to five percent of the votes in Bauchi State, the National Chairman’s home state and someone is still not being honourable enough to resign.

“Haven’t we now seen what operates in saner climes with the resignation of the British LP and Democrat leaders?

“Shouldn’t our party National Chairman also take a cue from this and allow for fresh minds to steer the ship of the party at this difficult time?

“Methinks leaders in this country should learn from their counterparts in other climes because like I said, when a war commander leads his troop to an embarrassing defeat, such commander does not need anyone to tell him that he needs to leave the war front.”