MUST READ: 5 Fashion Items You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding!!!

By Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. October 7, 2016 08:37

MUST READ: 5 Fashion Items You Should NEVER Wear To A Wedding!!!

To end my wedding series, I would be giving you a list of items you must never be caught wearing at a wedding.

No matter what the dress code is on the wedding invitation, there are a few things you should never wear to a wedding; they are an absolute No No!!! Peep the list below.



Please, keep your tennis shoes for the court, as sneakers no matter how stylish or expensive send a very casual message, and even if your wedding invite says “casual dress code”, it does not mean you can look like you just came from the gym.



If your wedding invitation states that cute shorts are acceptable; make sure you give your length a check. If your fingertips extend past the hemline on your shorts, they are probably too short for a wedding. And keep in mind, cut-offs are always a No No.

Short Sleeve Shirts:


By Caveat for this one, if you are planning on wearing a short sleeve button down, make sure the wedding is super casual, and you are dressing it up with a bow tie, or a suit jacket, with a pocket square. Other than that, short sleeve shirts should never be worn to a wedding.

Flip Flops:

Summer foot wear

Summer foot wear

Simply put, rubber footwear is never okay for a special event like a wedding ceremony.

Distressed Clothing:


Clothing with holes, rips, tears, or bleach stains are all off limits for a wedding. Please keep them for another less significant event.

I am sure with all the tips I have given, you would definitely become a Style Star at Weddings!

Until another time, remain stylish!


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