MUST READ: Checkout These Amazing Fashion Style Tips For The Christmas/New Year Season

By Post Nigeria December 14, 2016 10:23

MUST READ: Checkout These Amazing Fashion Style Tips For The Christmas/New Year Season

It is that time of the year again, when we attend a lot of parties; from office parties, to home barbecues, and we are required to dress up to fit each party’s theme. Do not worry!! That is why I am here to give you some tips on how to look good, and stand out this holiday season.

Dress for the occasion:


If there is a dress code, or theme to the party, make sure you stick to it.

If you are going for an office party, a sit-down in a posh restaurant or, a formal night out, you will probably want to keep it classy, and suit up.

This includes: wearing a suit – preferably black, navy blue, or grey; an office shirt, and a tie. Do not forget to cement the look with quality leather shoes. If it is a more informal function or, just your average night out with work, you can tone it down with smart casual. To create this look, you can lose the tie, and wear jumpers over a button up shirt, with a pair of smart jeans, and a blazer. Complete the look with a pair of leather shoes.

Wear something different than what you do at work:


You would definitely want to stand out at your office party, so wearing the same outfit you wear to work, would not cut it. Try to experiment, but with caution. If your job means you have got to wear a suit and tie all day, every day, then you can go for the causal look, while staying smart. You can try smart jeans, button up shirt, a jacket, and a pair of smart shoes.

Avoid seasonal items:


It is going to be really tempting, but seasonal items like socks, ties, eye wears that light up, are almost always tacky. So, resist the urge for these impulse buys, and keep it classy.



It is that time of the year, when you can be adventurous with colours – mustard, burgundy, green, among others. You can infuse these colours into your outfit. You can wear a navy blue suit, white/sky blue button up shirt, burgundy jumpers/cardigans/knits. They add that extra to your outfit.

Get the grooming right:


Get a haircut in good time, but not too early. Make sure to shave, or if you have facial hair, make sure it is smartened up. Select a fragrance, and before you head out, put it on. Do not forget to use face scrub, moisturizer, and under eye products – this will make you look better, and also boost your confidence.

I am sure with all the tips I have given, you would definitely become a Style Star at this holiday season!

Until another time, remain stylish!



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