MUST READ!!! Step-By-Step Instructions For Checking Plots Of Land And Houses, Before Buying Anywhere In Nigeria

By Post Nigeria January 19, 2018 14:35

MUST READ!!! Step-By-Step Instructions For Checking Plots Of Land And Houses, Before Buying Anywhere In Nigeria


Owning a house is a cherished dream of many. What could be better than buying a piece of land with a house, or a new one, where you can build a bright cozy house?

We will tell you how to check the land before buying, to be sure in the legal correspondence of the documents, and that the seller really has the right to sell the property!

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Category of Plot
Determine to which category of land the plot belongs:
• agricultural land – for agricultural production, gardening, country construction, etc.,
• settlements – for individual multi-storied construction and private low-rise buildings, etc.
In order to check the land before buying, you need to get information in the public registry and carefully correlate information from various sources – they should match. The lands of settlements are divided into zones: residential, industrial, recreational and others. In the residential area you can build living quarters.

Carefully study the documents:
• Identity card of the seller (passport)
• Notarized permission from spouse for the sale of real estate
• Proof of ownership of the seller
• Legal documents (contract of sale, gift, certificate of right to inheritance, etc.)
• Cadastral passport.
Checking the house before buying is also necessary. Be sure to ask the seller for all documents, make sure of the authenticity (if there are doubts, it is better to contact a Lawyer).

What else to pay attention to?
Clarify any information that is important to you. We advise you to learn more about it: the previous owners of the land, the presence/absence of encumbrances on real estate, the results of land surveying, the presence/absence of litigation in relation to the land or the house.
What other information you may need?
For sure, the future landowner is worried about the plans of the local self-government bodies and town planners in relation to the nearby land. You can learn about the prospects for using it by requesting plans for the construction of road networks, underground engineering communications, and the use of plots for municipal needs.