NASS Crisis: Ndume accuses Lawan of attempting to serve two masters

By Amako Nneji July 8, 2015 16:46

NASS Crisis: Ndume accuses Lawan of attempting to serve two masters

The Majority Leader of the Senate Ali Ndume has stated that the unrealistic goal of the All Progressives Congress, APC, leadership to foist Ahmed Lawan upon the house as Majority Leader after failing to clinch the position of Senate President would be tantamount serving two masters.

Ndume who spoke with African Independent Television, AIT, on the platform “Focus Nigeria” on Wednesday disclosed that the mandate of the Like Minds Group was to choose leaders among themselves without external interference which was contrary to the Unity Forum stance.

APC Senators nominated Ndume as the Majority Leader of the Senate, in defiance of the party’s directive that Lawan be given the role.

Lawan lost the Senate Presidency election to Bukola Saraki, despite being the party’s official candidate.

The party insisted on its preferred candidate who failed to be elected Majority Leader in the Red Chambers.

Ndume had emerged on Thursday, June 25, 2015, despite the APC nominating Ahmed Lawan for the post.

APC Chairman, John Oyegun had wrote to Saraki urging him to choose Lawan for the position but the Senate President refused to read Oyegun’s letter on the Senate floor hinting that he had no intentions of abiding by the party’s wishes.

Political observers see his emergence as the grand plot of the Senators of “Like Minds” who stood against the wishes of the leadership of the APC to nominate its preferred candidates for the top positions in the National Assembly.

Ndume said: “the Like Mind Groups were formed to elect leaders based on the standing rules of the house.

    “Lawan belongs to the Unity forum spearheaded by Senator Germade Barnabas, who was working closely with the APC leadership to impose leaders on us.

    “If I concede to Lawan, invariably, he will be serving two masters; the Unity Forum members and that of the leadership of the APC.