NASS Crisis: Our party went too far – APC legislator

By Cynthia Ferdinand June 27, 2015 16:11

NASS Crisis: Our party went too far – APC legislator

Honourable Garba Amuda, has stated that it is the responsibility of the House Caucus Members to nominate Principal Officers and not the party.

As a result of the National Assembly leadership tussle, which led to the exchange of blows in the House of Representatives on Thursday, July 25, Garba, the Member representing Illorin East, Illorin South Federal Constituency of Kwara State said in an interview that the APC had sailed beyond more unstable situations.

He established that the exchange blows was as a result of the party having recommended some candidates to occupy the principal positions and the caucuses in the House of Representatives having a different stance.

Garba opined that House members in the caucus to nominate and not the party solely held the prerogative to pick the choice positions.

    “According to my Order Book, it is clearly stated that it is the party caucus within the house that determines their leadership.

    “But we know the party as the parent can intervene and create a platform for election so that we would have done our internal democracy within the party.

    “We should have gotten the right admonition on why some things should happen in a particular way then we would have taken that harmonized position to the floor of the house,” he said.

Contrary to the fears of Nigerians that the All Progressives Congress, APC, is inept and may disintegrate, Garba claimed he believed that the party will overcome the challenge at hand.

He said that the recent drama in the House was basically a clear show of diverse interests of the party playing out on the floor of the House.

    “With this development, we all will go back and get our acts right within the party and I can assure you that the party has moved beyond more challenging situations.

    “Right from the leadership of the party was challenging, the presidential primaries came with its own challenges, even the choice of the vice presidential candidate came with its own challenges.

    “So it is not a new thing, naturally you know the legislature is always a very vibrant stage so that is why we are saying what we are saying”

Garba expressed optimism that the party will get over this phase and it will become a thing of the past in no distant time as the unity of the party will be restored.

    “I can assure you that when the House reconvenes, I am very optimistic that we will be coming with a unified position to the House.

    “But as loyal members of the party, as people who believe in the party and what the party stands for, we will go back, we will mend our fences and we will come with a harmonized position’’ he said.

In reaction to complaints by Nigerians that “the fighting was not part of the promised change” he said that change does not come in any particular prototype.

    “Sometimes the change you promised is for events like this to happen and for the right positions to be upheld.”

He however urged all legislators not to forget that the people in their constituencies who they represented.