NASS Forgery: Senators who involved Police should expect punishment – Olujimi

By Cynthia Ferdinand July 27, 2015 20:45

NASS Forgery: Senators who involved Police should expect punishment – Olujimi

Senator Abiodun Olujimi of Ekiti South Federal Constituency has faulted the ongoing investigation into the alleged forgery of Senate Standing Orders by the Nigerian Police, saying the Police had no business investigating matters of the National Assembly in view of the legislative immunity.

The Senator disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja on Monday stating that it can only be validated if the Senate leadership called for an investigation.

“The Senate has legislative immunity; in the sense that our issues stay within and that is what it should be.

“If we have a problem we must resolve it, except the leadership tells the Police that we have a problem that should be investigated,” she said.

“The term of the 7th senate had expired and gone it is the Business of the National Assembly to produce a new one, you cannot now judge what you got in the 7th senate with what is coming in the 8th Senate.

“If we now see it and we believe that there are certain things that should be changed, there is a process of doing that, it is not by going to court or screaming.

“You cannot come in to a fresh assembly and say the rules are forged because it was not same with what you met when you were there.’’

She emphasized that if found guilty, those responsible for reporting the matter to the Police would be penalized in line with the senate rules.

“The Senate has legislative immunity; in the sense that our issues stay within and that is what it should be.

“I think there are reprimands for those who go outside the line and I am sure that will apply when we find that there are people who are culpable.”

The lawmaker revealed that the Peoples democratic Party, PDP would appoint its principal officers as soon as the National Assembly resumed sitting, while adding that the party had no problem coming up with those to represent them in the chamber,

“We have done this for 16 years, it is not new to us”

He categorically added that the alleged plan to remove the Deputy President of the Senate Ike Ekwerenmadu from office was not possible as he was duly elected.

“To remove Ekweremadu? It is not possible: we elected him. All of us wrote on our ballots, nobody can remove him: it is just plenty of politicking.

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“In the standing order that we got, it said that all of us must vote, there were 76 of us and we voted,” she said.”

She however explained that the 8th Senate was bound by the Standing Rules that it met not what was used by the 7th Senate.

The forgery of the standing order book of the 8th senate had remained controversial as to whose responsibility it is to handle the investigation

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Shehu Sanni of Kaduna Central had earlier said that it would be costly for the Senate to remove the Deputy Senate President, as the Senate may continue to witness firm opposition because the APC alone could not form the required quorum to pass bills.

“Evicting him will trigger another issue, we have to learn to live with what we have for the smooth running of the senate and the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari,” he said.

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He also blasted Nigeria police over their involvement in the issue saying “The forgery problem is not the issue of police but the issue of the Senate.”

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As the National assembly is set to resume Tuesday Nigerians await the outcome of the Police investigation from the police over the alleged forgery as well as reactions from the Senate leadership.