Nationwide Tension As Deeper Life Pastor Condemns Slay Queens, Immodest Attires, Permed Hair, Wigs, Earrings, Others

By Post-Nigeria: April 1, 2019 11:58

Nationwide Tension As Deeper Life Pastor Condemns Slay Queens, Immodest Attires, Permed Hair, Wigs, Earrings, Others

The General Overseer of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi, has generated controversy, after he made several statements during a Sunday Service, which held on Sunday.

In his own words, the Pastor condemned the wearing of men’s wears by women, just as he denounced the use of earrings and other such accessories.

Kumuyi, on Sunday, said that what the world sees as beauty, is abomination unto God.

The Pastor was preaching on the topic: “The Inner and Outward Beauty of Kingdom Citizens”.

In the course of preaching, he gave his own definition of beauty in the spiritual sense. Then, he went on to emphasise that what the world might see as beauty, is not exactly what God sees as beauty.

Even more, the Pastor highlighted those fashion styles and accessories that are abominable in this sense. According to him, permed hair, earrings, men’s wears, and immodest attires, are not right for women.

Quoting from the Bible, he particularly warned that men should not put on women’s wears, neither should women put on men’s wears. He said that God’s standard would never change, even if the world would change.

According to him, some Christians feel inferior, because they are not copying the standards of the world. He challenged such people to keep on obeying God’s word, rather than feed the pleasures of the flesh.

Kumuyi emphasised that the outward beauty that the world seems to appreciate, might be ugly, terrible, and an abomination to God, as inner beauty can only be gotten through genuine salvation in Jesus Christ.

“Beauty implies loveliness, beauty brings in comeliness. Beauty means attractiveness.. handsomeness… gracefulness… And there is spiritual, as well as natural beauty. God sees beauty, well rounded beauty; God knows beauty, heavenly designed beauty… And the world, of course, also sees beauty, but they see passing beauty, and they see transient beauty. The world may see beauty in that which God does not see any beauty at all. The world says: “this is beautiful”, and God says that is ugly, that is something terrible, it is abomination before the Lord.”

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