Nigerians Find New Ways To Survive, As Buhari, Osinbajo Are Declared Missing In Action

By Jennifer Ajimande August 21, 2016 13:17

Nigerians Find New Ways To Survive, As Buhari, Osinbajo Are Declared Missing In Action

The persistent increase in the cost of commodities in Nigeria, especially staple foods has triggered an unprecedented rise in hunger crisis, and crime rate across the nation under President Muhammadu Buhari’s watch, Post-Nigeria gathered.

Before now, no matter the economic downturn, Nigerians could at least afford stable foods, but however, the current economic emergency in the country today, has left many Nigerians struggling and unable to feed themselves and their families, thus, causing an increase in social vices.

Tales of impoverished Nigerians burgling people’s homes to steal food items and livestock, is the latest trend for survival.

Recently, in Gwarinpa Area of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, a young man was caught stealing corn food (semovita), without soup, because he had not eaten for days.

Also in Dutse area of the FCT, a report of beans theft was filed at the police station. The plaintiff, said the beans meant for bean pudding (moimoi), was hijacked from her daughter, who was sent to grind the product, but came back empty handed.

In Mpape, a suburb in the FCT, hunger also pushed a father of two, to steal a pot of ‘ogbono’ soup, which his neighbour was cooking to feed his starving family.

In Ekiti State, the story is the same, as in the bid to survive, a school teacher also stole yam flour (amala) for the same purpose.

According to reports, the recent prison break in Nsukka, Enugu State, was as a result of the acute hunger among the inmates. As a result of the excruciating economic hardship, prison officials are left with no choice, but to divert food items meant for inmates to feed their families. The list is endless.

Since the civil war, Nigerians have not experienced such magnitude of hardship and suffering. People are losing their jobs, landlords are howling, tenants are lamenting. Market women are crying, because of low patronage, buyers are lamenting, as basic food items have become luxury.

Many students are being rusticated from schools, because parents can no longer pay school fees.

To whom much is given, much more is expected. One year after Nigerians overwhelmingly voted the All Progressives Congress, APC, who came into power on the mantra of ‘Change’, many expected President Buhari to have set his priorities right, by listening to the cries of the people, and not only focusing on fighting corruption and insecurity.

In a bid to feel the impact of the present APC government on Nigerians, Post-Nigeria’s correspondent spoke to ordinary Nigerians, to understand how the APC ‘Change’ has impacted on them so far.

Chisom, a trader said: “It is almost as if the government doesn’t care whether Nigerians live or die. See how we are suffering, no food, no money and no work. Buhari is busy fighting corruption, and the masses are dying of hunger.

Who will be left for him to govern?”

John, a mechanic apprentice at Utako area of the FCT, who spoke in Pidgin English said: “The hardship dey too much. No matter how things bad reach, if you can’t afford to chop once a day, then na big issue. Before I comot for shop, I fit make like N3,000 to N5,000. With that I fit buy food and save small, but now to get N1,000 na wahala. Please make government do something, before things get out of hand,” he cried.

Onyin, a student said: “This is not the change I voted for. The campaign promise Buhari promised is yet another political rhetoric”.

Mr. Sunday who works with the United Arab Emirates Airline explained that: “We are in an economic recession, so things are bound to change. Nigerians are so impatient and lazy.

“Buhari cannot do magic, he inherited a decaying government from the PDP. He is doing his best to make Nigeria great again. People must learn to suffer now, to enjoy tomorrow. They should cut their coat according to their size, PERIOD!”.

Dr. Ben Tantua, a Teacher in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State said: “The present slogan of ‘Change’ is rather a situation of bad to worse economy.

“There is high inflation rate, coupled with the exchange rate of the Naira to the Dollar now fluctuating between N350 and N400 to one dollar. This clearly shows the kind of change we have, this change has no economic policy direction”.




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