Nigerians in Diaspora call for facts based election

By Post Nigeria December 22, 2014 18:57

Nigerians in Diaspora call for facts based election

Over the weekend, various Nigerian groups in the United Kingdom met to dialogue on the political situation in Nigeria with their focus on security and fairness in the 2015 elections.

At the meeting several issues were tabled, ranging from concerns over infrastructural deficits and insecurity to the coming elections as well as the quality of national leadership needed to take the nation forward.

Oronto Douglas, a Nigerian representative who is a Special Adviser to the President on Research and Documentation presented a progress report to boost the morale of those in the Diaspora and debunk any negative forecast.

A growing consensus is that events leading up to the polls must be grounded in facts and relevant issues not based on mere populist rhetoric.

Another issue raised was that the country needs institutions that would stand the test of different administrations.

In a separate event in London, the Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK, Ambassador Sarki Tafida cautioned Nigerians against self seeking interests in politics.

The 2015 election is dominating international space as much as it has taken centre stage in Nigeria as evidenced by a proliferation of meetings, dialogue, rallies and more meetings across board, championed by different actors.