Nigerians speak out on next month’s elections

By Post Nigeria January 23, 2015 17:35

Nigerians speak out on next month’s elections

As the 2015 general elections draw closer, some have predicted a photo finish with Nigerians being vocal about who they will hand their mandate next.

Our correspondent spoke with some people today who shared their views on which candidates they would be voting for and the reason behind their choice.

Mr. Lolade, a barrister, said he would most definitely be voting in the next elections and would be voting the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan. He said his reason is that Jonathan has done adequately in his first term and it is best to allow continuity to consolidate the development he had already started. He said he hopes the elections are free and fair as that would make sure there is no post election violence. He said he prays we never witness what happened in 2011 again.

Joshua, a shop owner, concurred with Lolade saying that he would vote for the President to allow continuity and stability. He however said there won’t be post election violence with the peace accord signed by the candidates.

Sam, a mechanic at Apo, said that his reason for voting Jonathan was because the Igbos had not had a chance at power before and Jonathan in a way represented the Igbos and should not be allowed to relinquish power so soon. He said it is the Northerners that should be cautioned against post election violence as it usually in his opinion originates there. He urged the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari to exert control over his support ‘when he loses.’

Madam Clarice, who is a civil servant, said she is a bureaucrat and therefore remains loyal to the serving government. She said she would be voting Jonathan because she had always favoured his policies and that the troubling situation in the country was not his direct fault. She however urged that the president should do better when he comes back. She says she prays against post election violence and hopes Nigeria never has the ‘nasty’ experience again.

Abraham who is a recent graduate said that he is not being sentimental or religious but would definitely be voting for Jonathan. When asked his reasons, he said he would rather not say but that the summary is his dislike of the APC candidate. On post election violence, he said he was in the North during the last one and wouldn’t wish the experience on anybody. Like Sam, he blamed the retired General for the 2011 violence and said he hopes there won’t be a repeat in the coming month.

Bilkisu Umar who was rather in a hurry, said she doesn’t fancy both candidates but that she feels Jonathan is the lesser evil. She said she was confident that the elections would be peaceful.

Mr. Nwachukwu and Obinna said they would not be voting. Nicholas, because he believes his vote would not count, and Obinna because he has chosen to remain non-partisan and apolitical.

Chuks, who is from Delta, said he would be voting Buhari. He said he was angry with the president as he felt he had failed Nigerians. When some achievements were pointed out to him, he scoffed adamantly and voiced his support for Buhari.

Saidu Mohammed Lawal said he would most likely be voting for Buhari. He said he believes Buhari to be competent, and that Jonathan has not done enough to convince him he can tackle issues at hand as his six years doesn’t have enough to show for it. He said the president has done some things, but considering security, he doesn’t feel satisfied.

He said he couldn’t wrap his head around post election violence where people just go about destroying properties simply because they feel the elections were rigged. He said it is unfathomable and hoped against a recurrence this year.