Nigeria’s Very Promising Top Model, Kore Thando, Opens Up On LFDW2017, Family, Major Challenges, And Much More

By Post Nigeria November 2, 2017 19:10

Nigeria’s Very Promising Top Model, Kore Thando, Opens Up On LFDW2017, Family, Major Challenges, And Much More

The 2017 much buzzed Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week, LFDW, has finally come to an end, but the heat is yet to fully go down, as some outstanding memories from the shows continue to linger on in our minds. From the amazing venue at the beautiful Eko Atlantic, to the all white runway, the very stunning female and male models, we bring to you Kore Thando, one of the promising male models that owned the runway and stood out at the Fashion Week.
Below is Kore’s chat with Post-Nigeria’s Correspondent. Enjoy…

PN: What are your full names?

KT: My names are Onah Kingsley Egbe Randy, my friends call me Kore Thando.

PN: Tell us a bit about your family background?

KT: I was born into a family of eight, including my mom and dad. My dad is a civil servant. I was brought up by a very disciplined single parent, which is my dad. It was not easy, but I guess it was all worth it in the end.

PN: How did you get into modelling?

KT: I really love this question, because it reminds me of how my modelling career kicked off. A year after my secondary school, I strolled out from the gym just to while away time at a friend’s shop in Ikoyi, Lagos State, then this young lady (Lillian Anwuru) now Mrs. Paul, I guess, because she is married to Mr. Paul now. Anyway, she saw me and was like, how far guy? I looked at her and replied, fine, thinking she was tripping. lol. She then asked me, are you a model? By then, I never knew what modelling was, not to talk of who a model was. I replied, no, and she was like I should give it a try, and I asked her, how? To cut the story short, she gave me her number and address and asked me to call her, which i did. I later went to her Boss’ house (Mrs. Joan Okorodudu), the owner of ISIS Models Africa. Mrs. Joan saw me and said that I looked like one of her models in South Africa (Jimi Owobo Ogunlaja). My head started swelling, lol, because Jimi is an outstanding Super Model in South Africa. She asked me to walk, which I did, and the rest is history.

PN: What interests you about modelling; the money, attention, or passion?

KT: I would say everything interests me about it. The money, attention, passion, travels; to me modelling is fun and I love being happy.

PN: How did you get to walk at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, LFDW, 2017?

KT: I will say that I am not just a lucky boy, but a blessed one. Thanks to God Almighty, and my Personal Manager, who fights for me even when I think there is no hope. I do go to castings like every other model, and most times they will pick me and later I will end up not getting a response for the shows. However, I would say that things changed 2 years ago, when my present Manager started working with me. He did make sure I got booked for both the LFDW 2016 and 2017.

PN: What do you think made you stand out from the other models?

KT: What I think always makes me stand out, are my body, my look, and how I present myself.

PN: What designers did you walk for?

KT: The amazing designers I worked for this year at the LFDW are: Post Imperial, Mai Atafo, Tokyo James, Grey, Morafa, Poc, Maxhosa by Laduma (South African), and Ugo Monye.

PN: Are you currently signed to any Modelling Agency?

KT: Officially, I am not signed to any Modelling Agency yet. I am a freelancer, but currently, discussions are going on with a top Agency abroad. Fingers crossed.

PN: What are your dreams and aspirations as a Nigerian male model?

KT: My dreams and aspirations as a young Nigerian male model are quite simple; I just want to be happy at what I do, and also to be recognised as one of the top models, not just in Nigeria and Africa, but the world. May God help me!!!

PN: Who do you look up to in the modelling industry both locally and internationally?

KT: Sincerely, I do not have anyone which I look up to. I just do things the best ways I can; and if there is anything that inspires me, it is my future.

PN: What are your social media handles, where your new fans can follow you?

KT: My active social media handles are; Instagram: @Kore Thando, Facebook @Kore Thando.



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