NNPC is right to explore clean energy – Experts

By Misan E'ves June 5, 2015 20:17

NNPC is right to explore clean energy – Experts

During the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, celebration of the 2015 World Environmental Day, Group Managing Director, GMD, Mr. Joseph Thlama Dawha disclosed that the corporation has improved upon Health, Safety and Environment, HSE, standards that can be felt in the Oil and Gas Industry in the day to day operations.

The conference held on Friday, May 6 at the NNPC tower, Block A Amphitheater and the GMD, represented by Group Executive Director Refining & Petrochemicals Ian Gregory Udoh, made this remarks during the 2015 Environmental day themed – “Sustainable Consumption and Production” with the slogan “7 Billion Dreams, one planet, consume with care.”

He stated that “NNPC like must other players in the industry has raised HSE standards and performance to an appreciable level that can be seen all over the corporation and has made HSE a key resource area in the day to day running of the business.”

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Also speaking was the General Manger HSE – Mr. Rabiu Suleiman who noted that NNPC Refineries nationwide has been certified as Lead free Refineries:

    “The future demonstrations of NNPC’s commitment to responsible environmental practices and preservation – the project for the disposal of Tetra Ethyl Lead, which is an anti knock additive in gasoline and decommissioning and decontaminating of the facilities in our 3 refineries was embarked upon and is over 98% completed as we speak.

“You may recall that, refineries in 2003 discontinued using Tetra Ethyl Lead additive as an anti knock in their operations following the world wide ban for associated long term health risk and stringent limitation.

“Unlike must developing countries that were supported financially by World Bank and the United Nations to execute similar decommissioning exercises, NNPC is the only developing country that was not funded.

“That is a clear demonstration of our commitment to a clean environment,” he concluded
Mr. Suleiman pointed to the fact that, the corporation still sought after alternative energy sources for a cleaner environment.

“Today NNPC currently raises and holds high the flag in creating, protecting and sustaining a cleaner and greener and fresh environment for our generations yet unborn to inherit and enjoy.

“In so doing and in our small ways, NNPC would continue to focus and to stimulate our entire human resources, business partners and stakeholders to explore renewable energy.

“Renewable energy solutions have been proven beyond scientific knowledge and research to significantly curb environmental harm resulting from the conventional methods to generate, transmit and utilize energy to satisfy our private and business needs both in developed and third world countries.

“It is in fact a fact that renewable energy is wholesomely competitive when compared to other types of energy; it is clean and creates three times more jobs than other fossil fuels.”

Finally, Prof Oladele Osibanjo, African Chair, Basel Convention for the movement of dangerous and hazardous goods across the world, with whom NNPC was able to decommission the Tetra Ethyl lead plant without any incident concluded the event with a guest lecture.

He cautioned Nigerians to be aware of Persistent Organic Pollutants, POPs – termed as the dirty dozen, which in recent times have been one of the causes of foetus deformation and one of the leading causes of cancer in the country.

He warned against the growing waste from electronics which have amounted to a staggering 50 million tonnes annually. These products he acknowledged are carcinogenic when recycled for domestic use (such as plates, cups, toys, etc) or burnt into the atmosphere.