Obasanjo dumps Buhari, ignites romance with PDP

By Post Nigeria May 13, 2016 17:30

Obasanjo dumps Buhari, ignites romance with PDP

In what seems to be hope for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, an aggrieved founder of the party and former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, and a Chieftain of the party, Dr. Doyin Okupe, have reconciled their differences in a bid to working together.

Okupe, a former Senior Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, on Media and Publicity, via a Facebook post on Friday, May 13, announced that he visited Obasanjo on Sunday, where issues were ironed out.

Explaining the visit, Okupe disclosed that he prostrated before Obasanjo and kissed him, as well as explained the reasons for his actions when he served under Jonathan.

“Last sunday, in the company of some friends, I met with Baba Obasanjo principally to try and settle and resolve the misunderstanding that has existed between baba and I, since I joined the Jonathan administration.

“Vintage baba, he descended on me heavily and vented his anger copiously. I prostrated and held his feet as a well trained Yoruba man and pleaded earnestly for his forgiveness, occasionally given short explanations for areas I considered my actions were misunderstood.

“Also typical of baba, ever willing to forgive a repentant son, we embraced; I even kissed him as a loving son.

“Politics sometimes is such a bad business, you hurt your friends and even benefactors, but all is well that ends well.” He wrote.

The move by Okupe, has been viewed by political analysts as a strategy to lure Obasanjo back to the party, and partake in the efforts by a group within the PDP called “Concerned Stakeholders” in restructuring the party.

Earlier, Okupe alongside a founding member of the party, Jerry Gana, and other party Chieftains had met on Thursday, in Abuja to discuss pressing issues concerning the party.

Obasanjo, a former Chieftain of the PDP, fell out with the party during Jonathan’s administration, forcing him to parley with the All Progressives Congress, APC, and President Muhammadu Buhari, especially during the build-up to the 2015 general elections.