Omojuwa admits he was parochial and misguided; begs for forgiveness

By Post Nigeria June 4, 2015 12:12

Omojuwa admits he was parochial and misguided; begs for forgiveness

Popular Nigerian blogger and political commentator, Japhet Omojuwa, on Thursday, described himself as self centered and misguided, while apologizing for any misconduct during the elections.

Omojuwa started by admonishing the youths to begin re-inventing their purpose in order to foster unity amongst themselves.

He opined that it was time to let bygones be bygones and remember that Nigerians aren’t meant to serve leaders, so youths should stop being distracted and refocus their priorities.

“Our generation has become more obsessed about our differences than we have been about what unites us. We are all guilty of this” “As a privileged group, we owe it to other young people to represent them the right way. We are not doing that well at the moment” “We have been too distracted by our seeming importance and ego, we have focused too much on our individual interests” “Please assume that I am guilty of some if not all of these things so don’t take it that I am preaching to you, this is about us” “We don’t seem to be interested in what our demography is interested in. We need to change that quickly before history messes us up “We need to re-focus and look ourselves in the mirror. We need to admit we have been too parochial and misguided on all fronts If we need credible elders to get us together, let’s find those elders but I don’t think we need any1 to point us forward if we see t/ need “I thought through it all night. We fight everyday on social media mostly about things that don’t matter to young people not as privileged

We are strong, we are powerful, we can shift this country if we decide to move it but we have been too shortsighted and directionless.

Not to admit these things is to live in a delusion. To admit them is to ask the question, “so how do we change this?”

Change is all encompassing and we all must admit the change we need is beyond who answers the title “Commander-in-Chief”

To succeed as an individual is a beautiful thing but to succeed as a generation is an extraordinary thing and we can make that happen We can rise above the politics of campaigns and elections. Those things happen periodically for a reason, so we can move on from them

Let us clean the slate, let us rewrite the content. Let us focus on what builds us and makes us better. Let us grow together

Let us respect ourselves better. We are not here to serve Buhari or Jonathan or any of those big guys, we are here to serve our people

Brethren, there is work to do but our efforts to make the lives of our fellow citizens better will always be limited by our differences I commit to a new deal, a new term of engagement with everyone no matter their political stand or their opinion of who I am I take back every negative word I have ever uttered to any of you. I am sorry. I want us to move forward today, Nigeria cannot wait

Good morning. Have a great day! Thank you.