Over 10,000 PDP Members Defect Immediately To APC, As Oshiomhole Fights For Buhari’s 2019 Presidency, Damns All The Suffering Nigerians

By Post Nigeria January 28, 2018 12:33

Over 10,000 PDP Members Defect Immediately To APC, As Oshiomhole Fights For Buhari’s 2019 Presidency, Damns All The Suffering Nigerians

The Vanguard is reporting that the immediate past Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, last weekend, at the mega rally of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Benin-City, reminded the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of what to expect ahead of the 2019 general elections, following the defection of over ten thousand supporters of the PDP across the 18 Local Government Areas of the State into the APC.

The defectors were led by a former Governorship aspirant of the PDP, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen, and the member representing Egor/Ikpoba Okhai Federal Constituency of the State in the House of Representatives, Hon. Johnson Agbonayinma.

Oshiomhole, who is the State Leader of the APC, displayed his usual dance steps in political rallies at the event.

Oshiomhole, who stressed the electoral value of the defectors, said: “I know that the PDP Leaders will not sleep today. APC represents the forces of life. The Bible said he or she who dies in sin will never resurrect. I said it before, PDP died in sin and it cannot resurrect.”

Oshiomhole continued: “That is why when I read sponsored write ups, I say that even in our confusion, our imperfection, our moment of deep reflection, there can be no argument that there is no bringing back the armed robbers of yesteryears. No man or woman will allow thieves come to his house. PDP cannot come back in 2019. Nigerians are not fools; they will not be swayed by hired writers. If not for our President today, there would have been no Nigeria. The money voted for the Police, they put it in their pockets. The money earmarked to fight Boko Haram, they put in their pockets. They money voted for security, they used to secure their pockets. All of a sudden, if you produced two barrels of crude, one barrel was missing. I want to assure you, we are building a party that is founded on the principle of social democracy. The whole idea is to transfer power to the people and remember, in 2006, we started with the slogan, ‘Let the people lead’. And once the people began to lead, the godfathers began to collapse. How can the elephant’s leg be missing in a pot of soup they did not take into the kitchen? When the time comes, we will reopen yesteryears to be able to appreciate today so that we can see where we are going to tomorrow. I want to assure you that with what the governor is doing in Edo, sustaining the tradition of infrastructural development, to attract investors to the state, we are on the right path.”

According to him, Governor Godwin Obaseki had been flying from one place to another looking for investors.

“At this time, Governors are lamenting, but in Edo it is not a story of lamentation; it is about what we have been doing. Obaseki has been working hard and we are proud of him”, he said.

Assuring President Muhammadu Buhari of the support of Edo people, the former Governor said: “We heard some people saying whether it is anti-corruption “we will chop”? Yes that is what we will “chop”. Our President is trying, PDP destroyed Nigeria below the ground level; change cannot be overnight. I have faith in my country. I have faith in Mr President. I agree that we may not have all the solution yet, but I can see we are on the correct path. We must stop the looters, we must prosecute them; we must jail them. When we do that, then every effort that government is making can succeed. You can no longer hear that millions of barrels of crude are stolen; the situation is like this because we have a Commander-in- Chief who is not a thief. And we must remember when we had a Commander-in-Chief who was stealing, even the elephant head was stolen but they pretended not to know.

“I heard that now we have over 40 billion naira in foreign reserves, because Buhari insisted we should stop importing what we can produce, and that is the way to go. But remember that before these policies will yield fruit, we will suffer the pains a little. As we approach 2019, don’t allow them to bring religion. In Edo State, Christians and Muslims live together. All those who want to elevate religion as a dividing wall, we say no; we will stand for one Nigeria.”

Also addressing the rally, Governor Obaseki, who boasted that 2019 will mark the last burial of the PDP in Edo and the entire nation, welcomed the defectors, saying: “There is no discrimination, everybody is one in our party.   Comrade (Oshiomhole) laid the foundation we are building upon now. You have not seen anything yet, by the time we finish you will know. I just came back from China where I signed an MOU to build a modular refinery. We are building the biggest industrial park in Nigeria in Ikpoba Okha. My promise to create 200, 000 jobs will be a reality. We are going to build the first modular refinery in this country; we are going to conclude the arrangement in three months’ time. Development is coming everywhere that I promised you. APC is going to win in 2019 and that will be the end of the PDP.”

Meanwhile, the two Leaders of the defectors, Ehiozuwa and Iduoriyekemwen, said they took the decision to dump the PDP, because of the brilliance and finesse the Obaseki administration is bringing to governance in the state. The former PDP stalwarts said that they decided to jump ship because the PDP refused to follow the rule of law.

“We have decided to join the APC and Governor Obaseki because PDP has refused to follow the rule of law. We are also here because the government under the APC and Obaseki is working. To be part of the work to make Edo great, I and Hon Mathew did our best to make PDP straight, but they refused. When a governor is working, you have no option than to join him and not to oppose him. Governor Obaseki is truly working”, Agbonayinma said.

“Everyone, including a blind man, can see the work the governor is doing across the state. So, why oppose someone who is working in the interest of the people? Other governors in Nigeria should emulate what the Edo governor is doing for the people. The governor is not a politician but a technocrat who has the interest of the people at heart. He believes in doing the right thing.”

Speaking also, Iduoriyekemwen said the move became necessary as they could not continue to oppose the “progressive policies” driven by Obaseki.

“I am here today, with all my followers to be part of a great movement in Edo State”, he said.

“We decided to join the Obaseki team and the APC as we can no longer continue to oppose the good things across the state. We believe that this will make Edo State better; to make the state the best, we all need to unite to support the governor who is interested in making the state work. The governor does not need any political distraction. All Obaseki needs to achieve his good intentions for the state is the support of progressives in the state. So, we are here to support his quest to develop our state for the benefit of the masses.”

He added that one of the landmark achievements of the Governor, was restoring order in different parts of the State, which has transformed Benin-City, adding: “If you go through Ring Road, you will drive through easily, same with new Benin and Ekiosa. All the places we thought were impossible to clear have been cleared today. The Governor is making Edo State work, and it is because of that, that we decided to join the Governor and his team to make Edo great.”

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