PDP dumb as Spokesman jets to Italy en route Dubai while Nigeria boils

By Amako Nneji October 3, 2015 16:25

PDP dumb as Spokesman jets to Italy en route Dubai while Nigeria boils

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Spokesman Olisah Metuh has jetted out to Milan en route Dubai, for undisclosed reasons while Nigerians boils, without anyone around to call President Muhammadu Buhari and his party to order.

When Post Nigeria on Saturday, October 3 reached out to Metuh to comment on the multiple bomb blast that devastated Nyanya and Kuje on Friday night, the response was “Can you call me back later? I’m in Milan, about to board a plane for Dubai”.

The Nyanya blast went off at the Jikwoyi Park, Nyanya, on the popular Abuja-Keffi Expressway, claiming several lives.

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The negatives of the blast did not spur Metuh to release a statement condemning Buhari’s failure to protect the lives and properties of those who voted for him before jetting out.

The PDP has also kept mute over the purported names being currently touted as Buhari’s likely Ministers.

Buhari vowed never to appoint corrupt people in his cabinet, promising to tackle corruption headlong.

The Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari and, Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Ita Enang on Wednesday, September 30, presented the list to Senate President Bukola Saraki four months on from Buhari’s inauguration.

With the some of the speculated names in public domain with the APC allegedly leaked to the press, a cross section of Nigerians have expressed doubt over Buhari’s stance in fighting corruption.

The PDP according to critics has failed to condemn the President for allowing “dubious” political actors to find their way onto the list.

Unofficially filling the gap of Metuh, a political commentator Remi Adebanjo wrote; “President
Buhari would give a new lease of life to corruption if the Ameachis of this world, the Fasholas of this world, the Kwankwansos of this world, the Fayemis of this world, the Nyakos of this world, the Okorochas of this world and others of their ilk find ways to be on the Ministerial list.”

    “President Buhari must be courageous enough to say no to his party members and his former governor friends who seek to serve in his cabinet but have not been able to explain the sources of their wealth and riches.

    “He must as a matter of urgency and necessity salvage this country and stand his ground against corrupt former governors who are banking on being in his cabinet.”

Yoruba sociopolitical group Afenifere on Friday tried to wake up the “sleeping and junketing” Metuh by criticizing Buhari, saying the President should have submitted the names of ministerial nominees at the Eagle Square on May 29, adding that the four month wait had come to nothing as there were no exciting names on the list.

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A social commentator, Ahmad Sanni on May 19, before former President Goodluck Jonathan’s handover succinctly said; “One thing the All Progressives Congress, APC, did very well and appears to be sustaining, is the use of media houses under its control to full, most effective potential.

    “The APC dominated the online, print and electronic media; always barking, biting and attacking the then ruling party.

    “The party employed propaganda techniques to arm-twist and curry the electorate’s sympathy. The APC’s use of the media is a wake-up call for Metuh, shape up or step down. Metuh must hit the ground running.

    “The diminutive Lai Mohammed has Metuh and co. against the ropes, half way to the ground and he is still punching.

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