Post election violence may begin on Premium Times and Sahara Reporters

By Post Nigeria January 3, 2015 17:16

Post election violence may begin on Premium Times and Sahara Reporters

In recent weeks, there have been calls from all over Nigeria, asking for peace to reign in the build-up to the February 2015 general elections.

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party has stressed the need for issue-based campaigns to draw only the best leaders for the vacant positions.

The media, especially the online media, has turned a blind eye to the pleas.

Instead of doing their bit to calm frayed nerves, online media houses have decided to make a gold mine of every inciting story that comes up.

Recently, a Catholic Priest launched a full blown attack on the image of President Goodluck Jonathan, and as moths to a flame, major online newspapers have resorted to use this latest topic to drive the traffic to their sites, albeit while deliberately inciting their readers.

Reproducing the speech as though God himself had spoken, Premium Times for example, promised a part 2 of the story, used a picture of the president shedding tears, while also producing a video to keep their readers checking back for the sequel.

Days after, on twitter, a hashtag started by Special Assistant on New Media to the President, #GEJisworking was trending. However the media sadly continues to try and turn all eyes towards the controversial endorsement of Buhari by a Roman Catholic Priest, banishing the President to the abyss, even when a real success story is being told.

Following the revelation earlier this week that four-time Presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari had no academic certificates to tender to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the same online platforms went mute, moving quickly to abandon the discussion on twitter in a bid to douse the situation.

Although the same strategy can be adopted when inflammatory statements are made about the President or any candidate, the media houses prefer to milk such moments, to suit their selfish goals of higher advertorial rates.

Many political observers continue to worry whether the anticipated post- election violence and chaos will not begin from many comment sections on online newspapers’ site.

The likes of opposition media houses like Sahara reporters, Premium Times, and Leadership seem to be at the fore of these kinds of situation.