Presidency remains inconsistent on Daura’s APC membership

By Post Nigeria July 31, 2015 12:46

Presidency remains inconsistent on Daura’s APC membership

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has admitted that the Director of State Security Service, DSS, Daura Lawal was actually a member of the APC security outfit during the last general election despite claims he had no affiliation with the party.

It also added that it does not matter if President Muhammadu Buhari chooses his blood relation to head sensitive Government positions if the party deems such a person as competent for the job.

The Special Senior Assistant to the President Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu stated this, Friday, on Channels Television in response to evidence the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, provided showing the DSS boss as a close collaborator of the APC.

The PDP, Wednesday, disclosed that Daura was a card carrying APC member recruited to bend the rules in favour of the President’s party.

The PDP added Daura was a critical intelligence stakeholder of the APC who has used his office to terrorise those who worked in the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

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In response to the allegation, The National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Lai Mohammed on Thursday denied Daura saying, was not by any means connected to Buhari or APC as a party. Further deviating from the issue he also threw a jab at PDP saying the party was suffering from the hangover of defeat.

He also demanded an apology from the PDP following what he termed “baseless allegations.”

    “We know that the psyche of the PDP has been badly affected by its loss of power at the centre. Even the party itself has admitted that much,” he had stated.

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Garba Shehu waded in to the issue, Friday, stressing that although Daura was a member of the APC security outfit, it does not imply he is a card carrying member of the party.

He dared the PDP to produce Daura’s APC membership’s card.

    “PDP is taking our attention away from all the issues that matter to ordinary Nigerians.

    “I think that nothing that the PDP has put on the table that has convinced me that this man (Daura) is a card caring member of the APC.

    “Can they produce evidence from his ward that he was a member of the APC?

    “Daura came to join the campaign team because he wanted our candidate to be safe, this is a candidate that was bombed before.

    “With all due respect to Metuh, he missed the point, Daura’s name was listed among the campaign team, and not all of them were members of the APC.”

He maintained that from the long list of suggestive candidate that was submitted to Buhari, the President in his opinion chose Daura as a right man for the job.

Many concerned Nigerians have expressed their displeasure over the appointment of Daura for such sensitive post out of over 170 million Nigerians.

Shehu, according to political commentators was casting aspersion on the collective intelligence of 170 million Nigerians, who believe that it is wrong for “blood relatives of Buhari to head agencies like the DSS and INEC.”

Garba in his statement explained that competence and capacity matters above every other variable including partisanship.

This might have necessitated the skewed appointments by Buhari so far.

    “In view of this sad endorsement of a despicable development, we hereby conclude that Mother Nigeria is fast approaching Armageddon,” a source said.

Metuh had earlier said that “There are positions that by their very nature require people who are independent, swayed away from him – people who are qualified but not tied to him by any nexus or affinity with the President.

    “This is exactly what has happened in Zimbabwe; this is what was obtainable in Libya, where relatives of President Muammar Ghadaffi were appointed as Chief of Army Staff or head of security.”

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