REVEALED: How APC cabal pressured Danladi to blackmail Saraki

By Amako Nneji September 21, 2015 17:04

REVEALED: How APC cabal pressured Danladi to blackmail Saraki

Informed sources have revealed a desperate move by an All Progressives Congress, APC, cabal to use the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, led by Danladi Umar to humiliate and rubbish the person of Senate President Bukola Saraki, hence the saga playing out in the nation currently.

Speaking exclusively to Post Nigeria, Katchi Ononuju on Monday insisted that unnamed sources confided in him that Umar has been under duress to nail Saraki or face the full wrath of the powers that be.

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    “I would advise Saraki to go to the Appeals Court because the Chairman of the CCT is acting on instruction from those trying to undermine Nigeria’s democracy.”

Saraki is being tried for alleged false declaration of assets, amongst other charges.

The CCT sitting in Abuja on Monday, September 21 insisted that it had jurisdiction over the asset declaration case instituted against Saraki, despite the ruling of the Federal High Court, and acknowledged the request for a stay of execution at the Federal Court of Appeal.

Umar had re-issued a bench warrant for Saraki’s arrest, insisting that he must appear before it at 10 am Tuesday, September 22.

Umar ruled that Saraki must be available in 24 hours or be made available by the Inspector General of Police, IG.

He said the tribunal took notice of the fact that the case has been ruled upon by the Federal High Court on Thursday, September 17 to show why it should not be restrained from arraigning Saraki.

In reaction, Ononuju alleged Umar had been tipped to do the bidding of his pay masters.

    “The Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal seems to be acting under duress, the basic argument the Saraki lawyers had was that that the court is not properly constituted because it lacked quorum and let the Court of Appeal do its verdict.

    “He went for one hour break and made some calls and they told him to go on and do what he can to bring Saraki down.

    “The Code of Conduct Tribunal is acting like The Hague and there is nothing wrong in allowing a court of superior jurisdiction to take over the case like Saraki’s lawyer advocated.

    “Everything is aimed towards the ministerial list; this is because a cabal in the APC is not happy with the independence of the Senate led by Saraki. They are trying to strangulate the Senate.

    “Buhari is making frantic efforts to strangulate Nigeria’s democracy. He was used in 1983 to undermine our democracy and is now being used to strangulate our 16 years of democracy.

    “Buhari is replaying a display of his behavior of one state policy just like he did in his military regime. His change has turned into a scam; he is taking us back to the military regime because he lacks the political will to fight corruption.

    “We will start going from embassy to embassy because our democracy is under threat.’’

Ononuju also said there were far more sinister events at play in these matters.

    “The accident which Akpabio was involved in was not ordinary; Buhari is also targeting the banks, and trying to strangulate them. Our democracy is under threat.

    “Buhari should respect the ladder he climbed to become a President.

    “The Chief Justice of the Federation should come up to defend Nigeria’s democracy.”

Earlier, more than 50 Senators of the 8th Senate cutting across party lines had called an emergency meeting in Abuja to discuss the CCT’s invitation of Saraki.

It was revealed that the Senators absolved Buhari of being behind Saraki’s ordeal and accused “a cabal” within the Presidency who they blamed of prompting the Government against the Senate President.

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The meeting was summoned by the Senate Deputy Leader Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah.

The Senators resolved to continue to support their President in his fight against corruption, but said they would however not take it likely with the caball.

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