RIVERS OF BLOOD!!! Governor Nyesom Wike Predicts His Own Death, Ahead Of 2019, Makes Other Very Scary Revelations

By Post-Nigeria: September 10, 2018 14:45

RIVERS OF BLOOD!!! Governor Nyesom Wike Predicts His Own Death, Ahead Of 2019, Makes Other Very Scary Revelations

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has revealed that the government in power at the centre is plotting to kill him, ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Wike made this shocking revelation during an exclusive interview with Premium Times.

When asked if he was disturbed that the All Progressives Congress, APC, will take over Rivers State, just the way it took over Ekiti State, he said: “How would it disturb me? It will not happen in my State, but I know they will kill a lot of persons. I can tell you they will kill a lot of us. No problem, this is the sacrifice we have to make for democracy to thrive. Even those who will kill, also know they have children, they do not know who will come after their own children. You can be a Major-General, you kill people, you do not know who will come after your children tomorrow.”

When asked if he was ready to make a sacrifice that may take his life, Wike revealed: “Of course! I have told my wife and children, this is where we have found ourselves. This is a bloodthirsty government. The government is determined, they have made up their mind, but we are ready to die. We must stand up for the truth.”

“Asked if the Federal Government would want to kill him, Wike responded: “It is obvious.”

He added: ”They have the instrument of coercion, they can send in the Army to overrun a place. This is a government that does not care; it is not a democratic government, it is a dictatorship in civilian uniform. I do know that I may not likely be alive. But should I be cowed when I know that my time will come, when it will come? Look, my Attorney-General came to see me, and I told him that he has to travel out for medical check-up. And he died, I never saw him again. Did you know he would die? Death will come when it will come. We must face reality, and that is the point we have reached in this country. Whether you are in your house, the government will come after you, whether you are in the kitchen, the government will come after you, whether you are in the office, the government will come after you.”

When reminded that what he was saying could be scary to some people, Wike said: “It is not a question of being scary, it is a question of being told the truth. This government is out to eliminate people who say no. And that is why I keep saying that the international community is not doing enough, by now they should have revoked the visa of some of the people who are opposed to democratic rule, and rule of law in this country. This government is bent on eliminating key opposition Leaders.”

“Okay, let me tell you this: they are promoting my Cmmissioner of Police to become Assistant Inspector-General of Police, they are promoting the Deputy Commissioner of Police to become the Commissioner of Police; and the SARS man who took the Rivers State Government to court, who have perpetuated election-rigging in the State, even by INEC report, and they are going to make him in-charge of Police Operation in the State. This is just for the purpose of the 2019 elections in the State. And they think we do not know.”


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