RUNAWAY BIAFRAN LEADER, Nnamdi Kanu!!! Rest In Peace (R.I.P), By Amako Nneji

By Post Nigeria September 18, 2017 07:31

RUNAWAY BIAFRAN LEADER, Nnamdi Kanu!!! Rest In Peace (R.I.P), By Amako Nneji

The Arewa Consultative Forum’s shocking confirmation of Post-Nigeria’s exclusive report that the cowardly Leader of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has escaped to Cameroun through unconventional land borders, have sent me thinking.

How can a man who has repeatedly declared, “Give me Biafra or give me death”, abandon his followers and flee, at the sighting of armoured tanks?

President Buhari, the alleged born-again democrat I know, would rather give you death than Biafra, I stand to be corrected. Mr President has never shifted his position that, “Nigeria’s unity is NOT Negotiable”.

If it is true that Nnamdi Kanu has escaped to Cameroun, then I have no option than to declare him and the Biafra struggle to “RIP” Rest In Peace.

For me, the archaic method and manner in which Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, went about championing for the actualization of Biafra, are a shame on the Leaders of Ndigbo, and I condemn it in entirety.

Nnamdi Kanu, aside Biafra, could have instead, demanded restructuring, equitable distribution of resources, dared the government to be accountable, put on more logical arguments, and mobilise his people to get their PVCs ready to vote out President Muhammadu Buhari, and those clueless South-East Governors who have refused to develop the region.

It is unfortunate that Nnamdi Kanu, whose family is based in the United Kingdom, UK, could jeopardise the lives of the poor and venerable youths in the quest for Biafra.

Today, the Defence Ministry has labelled IPOB, the platform Nnamdi Kanu has been using to spread his message, as a terrorist group, and has gone ahead to caution parents and guardians to advise their wards to stay clear of the group.

Also, the South-Eastern Governors, who up until now have been wonderfully soft on the issue, have also proscribed the group, asking all Igbos with legitimate concerns to channel their grievances through appropriate quarters, as established by the Constitution of the country.

The Federal Government seems to have woken up to its responsibility of keeping the country together as a strong entity, but in a wrong manner, I repeat, in a wrong manner.

Nevertheless, Nnamdi Kanu refused to listen to Elders, he threw away the voice of reasoning into the trashcan, but when the time came for him to dance with the Python, he fled.

Nnamdi Kanu had taunted the government and people of Nigeria for too long. He had rubbished his bail conditions, purportedly set up a secret service, among other paraphernalia of a nation within a nation. It became increasingly clear that no responsible government would sit down and see its country pushed to the point of a devastating and horrible ethnic war.

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The long-held belief of ‘Igbos have no king’, has led to a lack of cohesion in political leadership, leading to the emergence of characters and charlatans.

This has led to the dearth of infrastructure, mass illiteracy, the enthronement of poverty, which in turn, has grown frustration and a detachment by a large number of the people.

The South-East despite its wealth remains one of the least developed regions in the country. We now have Governors who would rather destroy markets, instead of putting in place policies that would lead to the betterment of the people. Crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery, and ritual killings, have become rife, and the Governors, like the fool that was Emperor Nero who danced while Rome burnt, continue in their macabre dance of evil.

Regrettably, Nnamdi Kanu has shown more passion for his ill-fated cause, more single-minded purpose, and more compassion for his cause than true Igbo Leaders.

Today, Igboland appears cursed, a land of scorpions, a shame to the great sons that led it in its glory days.  Even Odumegwu Ojukwu, were he alive, would smirk, cringe, and die again from shame.

The shame is not on Kanu. The shame is the Leaders who have squandered trillions of Naira in Federal Government allocations, since the end of the civil war.

The shame is on the Leaders who hold positions in the centre, without using that for the betterment of Ndigbos, but instead line their pockets with ill-gotten wealth.

They are the ones who have allowed Kanu to take advantage of the situation, and thrown the country into needless confusion and chaos.

For the Military, due process and international ethos of Military engagement must always guide any operations. The Defense Spokesman, from what has been reported, claimed that broken bottles, stones and sticks, were used to attack the Army. If this is all that was used, and had been used since this madness started, then IPOB in all fairness, cannot and should not be branded a terrorist organisation in the mould of ISIS or Boko Haram.

The main task should aim at debriefing and re-educating them, and get them to go back into civil society and be the vanguards of better governance and responsible leadership.

To the government, it must be said that this cannot be a war. This cannot be an opportunity to use force and the butt of a gun to hammer peace into place; otherwise, we will win the battle and lose the war.


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