#SaiJonathan Trends on Twitter

By Post Nigeria January 10, 2015 15:09

#SaiJonathan Trends on Twitter

The hash tag #SaiJonathan, initiated by the Special Assistant to President Goodluck on New Media, Reno Omokri, is now trending on twitter.

Reno in his tweets talked about the opposition party and their claim for change in Nigeria.

He urged Nigerians not to pay attention to whatever the opposition had to say because they really do not have anything to offer the Nation.

See Reno’s tweets below

@renoomokri: Change is a deliberately vague word coined by their foreign consultant. If you jump from aircondition to fire it’s still change! #SaiJonathan

@renoomokri: The large crowds prove Nigerians have bought into Goodluck. INEC offered them their ‘change’ but they told INEC keep the change #SaiJonathan

@renoomokri: You can’t turn a man into a car by putting him in a garage and you can’t turn a dictator into a democrat by putting him in a suit #SaiJonathan

@renoomokri: Their change is fine from far, but far from fine! Look closer. Scrutinize their change. “We will stabilize the oil market” #SaiJonathan!

@renoomokri: They bring a 72 year old and shout change. That’s like Peugeot branding a 504 as change. It is not change. It is deceit! #SaiJonathan